Cut Off Oil Supplies To Supporters Of Israel

19 October 2023 Middle East News

Hamdan Al-Azmi, MP for Gaza, informed us that he and several of his colleagues intend to propose an extraordinary session of the Arab Parliament to discuss the procedures to be taken concerning the Israeli attacks in response to the ongoing Israeli assaults on Gaza. According to Al-Azmi, the proposal will include suggestions for Arab countries to cease supplying oil to the USA and the West and to dismiss American ambassadors serving in Arab countries.

The number of MPs supporting Al-Kandari's call to not receive Karen Sasahara, the new US ambassador to Kuwait, has increased to seven so far, including Al-Kandari. These MPs are Abdul Kareem Al-Kandari, Jarrah Al- Fawzan, Abdul Hadi Al-Ajmi, Abdulaziz Al-Saqaabi, Hamad Al-Matar, Mubarak Al-Tasha and Bader Al-Nashmi. Meanwhile, MPs Shuaib Shaaban, Muhalhel Al-Mudhaf, Hani Shams, Osama Al-Zaid and Hamad Al-Medlej submitted a bill to amend law No. 21/1964 for boycotting Israel.

In addition to the aforementioned law, the bill adds two new articles. The first article bans individuals and legal bodies in Kuwait from showing sympathy towards Israel or its citizens. It also bans dealing with global brands that show sympathy towards Israel. A judge may impose a maximum fine of KD 5,000 for violating articles 1, 1(bis), 2 and 3 of this law; whoever is found guilty of violating these articles will be punished by three to ten years in prison with hard labor.

A legal body convicted of a crime will be punished through the relevant official of that legal body. In all cases, the seized equipment and vehicles used to commit the crimes, if any, will be confiscated”. Additionally, parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee invited MPs, civil society organizations, and citizens to attend a meeting scheduled for Sunday, October 22, 2023 to discuss the ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza.

The committee explained that, in order to ensure the meeting is not limited to statements of condemnation and results in practical procedures, it will discuss bills and proposals for toughening the penalties against those convicted of violating law No. 21/1964 on boycotting Israel as well as providing ideas to expose the Zionist occupation crimes to isolate Israel globally.

MP Mubarak Al-Tasha revealed that he received a copy of the report prepared by the State Audit Bureau (SAB) addressing the Ministry of Public Works. He explained that the report included the refusal of SAB to approve the tenders floated by the Ministry of Public Works for international contracting companies to execute road maintenance in Jahra and Hawally governorates.

The report cites major violations concerning the procedure for settling tenders in favor of specific companies, as well as the large gap between the offered prices and the estimated value determined by the ministry for the disapproval. Al-Tasha went on to explain that the report exposes the great failure of the Minister of Public Works Dr. Amani Buqamaz to manage the file of road maintenance, as well as the way she manipulates citizens’ feelings through her repetitive promises to complete the maintenance process soon in a perfect manner. After a period of one year, SAB issued this report, which is in support of his position regarding Dr. Buqamaz based on which he had earlier filed a grilling motion against her. He stressed that Dr. Buqamaz must be held responsible, and she must face the grilling motion, insisting that she cannot escape questioning by submitting her resignation.

In addition, the Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmad Al-Saadoun sent a cable of congratulations to the Speaker of the Saudi Consultative Council Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Shaikh on the ninth anniversary of his assumption of the office of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. Al-Saadoun praised the efforts exerted by King Salman Al-Saud in the interest of his nation as well as the interest of all Arab and Muslim nations. He hailed the progress and advancement that Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing under the rule of King Salman and with the help of His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. Al-Saadoun wished the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continued prosperity and progress.


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