Csc Announced Job Openings For All Qualified Kuwaitis

15 May 2023 Job Openings

Dr. Essam Al-Rubaian, Director of the Civil Service Commission, announced that applications for jobs will be accepted from June 2 to 16 for candidates who meet the criteria, rather than December 1, as previously announced by the CSC on Twitter.

According to Dr. Issam Al-Rubaian's announcement, registration is now open to all, not just Kuwait University graduates and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.

According to the announcement, high school graduates who have passed the courses will be registered, along with their peers who did not have the opportunity to pass any training course, in addition to those who have resigned from ministries and government institutions and state-owned companies in addition to those who resigned from the military sector (Interior and Defense ministries and the National Guard) provided they fulfill the conditions in force, which is the passage of one year from the date of resignation and upon completion of the procedures at the Bureau.

Registration will follow the same criteria approved and announced by the Council of Ministers and Civil Service Commission.


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