Court Acquitted Two Individuals Of Possessing Drugs
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The Court of First Instance upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which acquitted two individuals who were accused of possessing drugs (Tremadol) for their use and peddling. The defense counsel Lawyer Meshari Al-Mutairi stressed the invalidation of the arrest-and-search procedures against his clients as well as the lack of incriminating evidence. He also indicated the contradiction in the arresting officer’s statements and the reality of events. Meanwhile, the Misdemeanor Court sentenced a technical producer and an Iraqi expatriate to 10 and 7 years in prison respectively with hard labor due to alleged money laundering and trading in illegal substance “Chemical”. The case file indicated officers at the General Department of Drug Control received a tip off concerning illicit activities of the duo, and kept a tab on them to ascertain veracity of the information before securing warrant for their arrest. An undercover agent acted as a prospective buyer and agreed on the price and location for delivery, which was close to a cooperative society. The 1970-born Kuwaiti suspect confessed to the crime upon arrest and told the officers that his 22-year old Iraqi friend was his partner in crime. He also revealed operating in an office he has at a shopping mall where he used to mix the chemical with other substances for sale. The officers found a large quantity of the illicit item and other incriminating substances inside the office. He also said he got the delivery from Europe under the pretext of importing cosmetics for ladies and used bogus names for that purpose.


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