Cleanup And Waste Removal In Focus For Rainy Season

05 November 2023 Kuwait

According to the Acting Director General of Kuwait Municipality Saud Al-Dabbous, all sectors and branches of the municipality in all governorates should take necessary measures and prepare for the rainy season. To ensure that all areas surrounding the manholes are cleaned, and that waste, plastic bags, building materials, and rubble are removed, the circular stressed the importance of alerting and following up with the cleaning companies contracted by the municipality. Garbage containers need to be emptied periodically, especially before the rainy season, to prevent rainwater from carrying waste materials to the drains.

Garbage containers must not be placed above the service areas of the Ministry of Public Works and others. The work must be monitored by the supervisory bodies in the municipality and its branches in the governorates represented by the public hygiene and road works departments, as well as the safety departments, to ensure that any rubble and waste is removed from manholes, rainwater drains, or internal drainage systems, and that any violations will be prosecuted.

Al-Dabbous stressed the necessity of ensuring the cleaning equipment is in a state of complete readiness and placed in areas close to residential areas, activating the emergency plan, and making sure there is a permanent presence of the regulatory apparatus at all functional levels during heavy rain in order to activate the emergency plan.

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