Bid To Curb Drug Smuggling
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Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali affirmed that customs officers fall in the category of frontline workers given the risks they face in performing their duties. He said the customs officers work 24/7 to prevent the smuggling of drugs by those who want to destroy the nation and our youth in multiple ways. The Interior Minister praised the customs officer for their dedication and vigilance to prevent the smuggling of narcotic pills, and other kinds of drugs which come in all shapes and color and said this task is on the shoulders of the customs men and not the Interior men, the National Guard of defense personnel. He went on to say whoever wants evil in Kuwait will find men waiting for him so that he does not spread his evil among our children and our people.

Minister Al-Ali said in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of his visit to the General Administration of Customs there is no doubt that you are Kuwaiti and this is your country and you must work hard to protect it and your family without asking for anything in return. He said, “I am surprised there are some voices that demand a reward when they seize quantities of drugs, as if what they are doing is not their work, and I am surprised that this has happened in many ministries, if a person performs his duty, he asks for a reward. “I am not going to take it, because what the employees do to achieve higher goals forms the core of their work and their duty.”

Al-Ali pointed out the Customs Department uses the latest technology to facilitate the performance of its assigned work on a daily basis, and all our land and sea border centers operate according to an integrated system with the Ministry of Interior, in addition to securing the new airport and using technology to the fullest. He continued saying, “We are working to develop performance and do more work to develop the General Administration of Customs and upgrade the customs system by using all modern technology means and thanked the customs employees who work around the clock and in all circumstances for their great efforts, stressing that they are doing a tremendous job in collecting money owed to the State Treasury through the goods that enter the country.” The minister was accompanied director of the department, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, Assistant Undersecretary for Operations and Traffic Affairs at the Interior Ministry Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh and senior security offices, in addition to personnel from the Administration of Customs.



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