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Two Asians Caught Smuggling Drugs Kuwait Coast Guard arrested two Asians who tried to smuggle 20 Kgs of Meth (Shabu). A vessel entering Kuwait waters was detected on radar system, immediately a naval patrol intercepted and stopped the... November 03, 2021 264 Category: Crime News
Customs Foils Smuggling Of 4,000 Ration Food Items In the past two months, the Sulaibiya customs department confiscated 4,000 food items which were in the prohibited list to be exported outside the country. All outgoing shipments are inspected, and al... November 01, 2021 299 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Of Drugs Coming In From Britain Foiled Customs department at Kuwait International Airport seized 13 kgs of Marijuana, 1 KG of hashish and 480 grams of cocaine which came through a postal parcel from Britain. The drugs were hidden into... October 03, 2021 289 Category: Crime News
Bid To ‘smuggle’ Man Foiled; Lawyer Offered Bribe To A Female Officer At The Airport The Court of Appeals adjourned to October 7 the case filed against a lawyer and his client who are accused of bribing an employee of the immigration authority. They were earlier sentenced to five-year... September 30, 2021 481 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of Drugs And Cigarettes Foiled Customs officers at Nuwaiseeb port foiled two attempts to smuggle drugs and cigarettes. During the checking of a suspected truck which was on its way to enter Kuwait half kg of heroin and 5.4 grams of... September 27, 2021 588 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of Ration Food Foiled Customs department in Sulaibya seized large quantities of subsidized food items which are prohibited from being exported outside Kuwait in the last 60 days. During inspection 12 types of subsidized fo... August 18, 2021 111 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Caught Smuggling Drugs In Fire Extinguishers Kuwaiti anti-drug police have arrested a citizen trying to smuggle drugs in fire extinguishers, the Interior Ministry said. The suspect was caught hiding 10 kilograms of the drug Captagon powder in... August 01, 2021 259 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Poker Player Arrested In Spain On Charges Of Drug And Currency Smuggling After covering the matter with a veil of secrecy over the past few days, the customs authorities on the Spanish island of Ibiza recently announced that they had arrested a professional Kuwaiti poker p... July 27, 2021 915 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Customs Thwarts Smuggling Attempt Customs officers at Salmi port arrested a Arab national coming from a Gulf country who was carrying 1 kg of Meth (shabu) well concealed in a carton containing clothes in a trailer truck. The truck dri... July 22, 2021 231 Category: Crime News
Infiltrators Attempt To Smuggle Drugs Ministry of Interior arrested two people with bags who were trying to infiltrate through northern borders into Kuwait by land . After searching the suspects, it was found they were trying to smuggle i... July 22, 2021 552 Category: Crime News
Customs Seizes Big Quantity ‘paan’ The General Administration of Customs announced, Monday, that it seized 2.220 million bags of narcotic substances in three containers at Shuwaikh Port. The customs officials suspected the three 40-foo... July 12, 2021 409 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Customs Seize More Than 2 Million Tobacco Bags At Shuwaikh Port Shuwaikh port customs officers were able to seize 2 million and 220,000 bags of tobacco, which were present in three containers left over for more than 90 days at port. Three 40-foot containers wer... July 12, 2021 495 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of Cigarettes Foiled At Nuwaiseeb The customs officers at Nuwaiseeb managed to thwart smuggling of 30 cartons of cigarettes by a GCC citizen and a Kuwaiti citizen, which was hidden inside a spare vehicle tire. Seized cigarette packets... June 09, 2021 262 Category: Crime News
Bid To Curb Drug Smuggling Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali affirmed that customs officers fall in the category of frontline workers given the risks they face in performing their duties. He said the customs officers work ... April 10, 2021 466 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of 324,000 Banned Substance Bags Coming From India Foiled Based on a tip, the Kuwait Customs department at southern port  were able to foil a  smuggling attempt of a large quantity of shipment coming from India containing 324,000 bags of tobacco. ... March 31, 2021 531 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Thwarted – 3 Million Narco Pills Found With 3 Syrians The Drugs Control department thwarted an attempt to smuggle 3 million narcotic pills coming in from Turkey at Shuwaikh port. Three Syrians were arrested with eight containers hidden beneath the marble... February 25, 2021 478 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Of 200 Kgs Of Drugs Foiled Two persons who attempted to smuggle a large amount of narcotics into the country were detained, the Ministry of Interior said Wednesday. According to a ministry statement, some 200 kilograms of hashi... January 27, 2021 369 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Of 2 Tons Subsidized Food Foiled  Customs officers  in Al-Sulaibiya   managed to foil smuggling attempts of two tons of subsidized food supplies which included rice and milk to an Arab country. The truck... January 04, 2021 432 Category: Crime News
Trucker’s Jail Term Upheld For Smuggling Out Wanted Businessman The Court of Cassation ruled to uphold the verdict issued by a lower court to sentence an expatriate to oneyear imprisonment with hard labor for helping the businessman “Bashar Kiwan”, who... December 30, 2020 309 Category: Crime News
Thwarting Drug Smuggling In The Northern Borders The men of the General Administration of Land Border Security – Northern Border Administration thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of narcotic substances, which 3 unknown persons tri... December 15, 2020 258 Category: Crime News
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