An Arab And An Asian Seriously Injured In Accident
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Two men – an Arab and an Asian – were seriously injured following a traffic accident on Road 306 between the Sulaibikhat and Qairawan areas, reports Al-Anba daily. Following the accident both men were lying in a dirt road outside the vehicle.


One of the victims was a 25-year-old Arab, suffering from breathing problems after a blow to the head was rushed to a hospital in air ambulance, while the second injured a 24-year-old Asian driver was rushed to the Sabah Al-Ahmad clinic with shoulder and chest pain by emergency medical technicians.

On the other hand, a collision between four vehicles on the Fourth Ring Road caused traffic jam but no injuries. Rescuers rushed to the site of the accident and moved the damaged vehicles to the side of the road and facilitated traffic fl ow.

29 May, 2019 333
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