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Two People Were Injured In A House Fire In Ardiya two people were injured in a fire that broke out in a house in the Ardiya area In the details, a report was received by the General Fire Force operations room stating that a fire had broken out in ... October 25, 2020 321 Category: Information
4 Firefighters Were Injured In A Fire That Gutted 9 Shops In Mirqab Four firefighters were injured in cases of suffocation and heat exhaustion due to a large fire that broke out at dawn yesterday in a number of jewelry stores, auto spare parts, tire sales and a garage... August 28, 2020 630 Category: Information
Oil Worker Killed, Another Injured In Al-Sabriya Refinery - KOC A worker was killed and another injured in an accident at a drilling tower in the Al-Sabriya Refinery, north of the country, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) said on Thursday, In a statement, the company said... June 11, 2020 1591 Category: Crime News
National Guard Member Injured In Hit And Run Outside Curfew Hour An individual who breached curfew hours has deliberately run over a National Guard member, causing him injury, at a vehicle checkpoint in Jahra Governorate. Responding to reports on the incident, the ... May 02, 2020 630 Category: Lockdown
Kuwaiti Duo Injured After Their Vehicle Collided With An Iron Barrier Of An Oil Company Two unidentified Kuwaitis, who were injured after their vehicle collided with an iron barrier of an oil company, have been referred to the Adan Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the securit... January 21, 2020 275 Category: Crime News
Eight People Were Injured In A Traffic Accident On The Sheikh Jaber Bridge Towards Al-Subbiya Eight people – 7 workers and a Kuwaiti – were injured following a traffic accident on the Sheikh Jaber Bridge towards Al-Subbiya, reports Al-Anba daily. The men were injured following a... October 07, 2019 224 Category: Crime News
Three Young Men Injured During A Quarrel In Naeem Area Over A Parking Issue Three young men sustained stab wounds and injuries during a quarrel among them in Naeem area over a parking issue. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior recei... July 26, 2019 312 Category: Crime News
An Arab And An Asian Seriously Injured In Accident Two men – an Arab and an Asian – were seriously injured following a traffic accident on Road 306 between the Sulaibikhat and Qairawan areas, reports Al-Anba daily. Following the accident b... May 29, 2019 263 Category: Crime News
Coast Guard Died And 5 Indian Technicians Injured A Coast Guard officer died and eight other men including a Major and five Indian technicians were injured when a patrol boat hit a sea rock off Subbiya, reports Al-Rai daily. Upon impact the cruiser s... May 26, 2019 553 Category: Crime News
13 People Injured In An Explosion In The French City Of Lyon At least 13 people have been injured in an explosion in the French city of Lyon, officials said, The prosecutor’s office said a suspected parcel bomb was the cause of the explosion. Most of thos... May 25, 2019 347 Category: International
No Kuwaiti Citizens Among Lyon Blast Injured Kuwait’s Embassy in France affirmed on Friday that there were no Kuwaiti citizens among the injured in the blast in Lyon. In a statement, the embassy noted that it had contacted its citizens in... May 25, 2019 828 Category: International
3 Worshippers Injured In Mosque Three worshipers were injured when part of the décor gave way in at Al-Khuza’ei mosque in Jahra during the evening prayer, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the Ministry of Awqaf and... May 15, 2019 531 Category: Crime News
An Unidentified Motorist Injured In Traffic Accident An unidentified motorist who was injured when his four-wheel vehicle overturned following a road accident in Al-Salmi has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Jahra Hospital, reports Al-Anb... May 02, 2019 272 Category: Crime News
5 People Injured In An Ambulance Flip Over An ambulance over turned on Fahaheel Expressway near Jabriya which left 5 people injured reports Al Jarida. Salmiya fire station responded to the call and moved 2 paramedics who were referred to ICU w... April 25, 2019 264 Category: Crime News
Two Egyptians Dead And 9 Were Injured In Car Accident Two Egyptians lost their lives and 9 others, also Egyptians, were injured following a car accident on the Artal Road, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said when the Operations Room of the Inter... March 13, 2019 251 Category: Crime News
4 US Soldiers, Sri Lankan Were Injured In 2-vehicle Collision Four American soldiers and a Sri Lankan were injured following a collision Tuesday morning between a US military vehicle and a truck near Khubari Al-Awazem, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source sa... March 07, 2019 303 Category: Crime News
A Fire South Of Kuwait City Has Injured 23 People Some 23 people have been injured or suffered from suffocation after a fire started in the building they were in Al-Mahboula, south of Kuwait City, on Wednesday. Kuwait Fire Service Directorate... February 20, 2019 427 Category: Kuwait
6 People Died And 5 Kuwaitis Injured In An Accident Six people died and five Kuwaitis were injured Friday evening following a head-on collision on a road leading to the Wafra farms, reports Al-Rai daily. The Public Relations and Information Departme... January 13, 2019 1050 Category: Crime News
Fireman Injured In Salhiya Fire Fire broke out in a fl at in Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh area resulting in material damages but no casualties, reports Al-Anba daily. When the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information ab... November 14, 2018 410 Category: Crime News
3 Youths Injured In Two Accidents Three youngsters under the ages of 23 years were injured in two separate accidents that occurred on Arabian Gulf Street and in Subbiya area, reports Al-Anba daily. The first accident took place whe... November 12, 2018 372 Category: Crime News