Everyone Need To Take Some Time To Breathe And Rejuvenate

10 July 2015 Life

Try it! You will be surprised. Sometimes (not always) we have to get connected with our soul, there you can find your own need and truth. ~ Ingrid Bahtiyar 

At the beginning when I was alone, I felt weird. But now I love my own company more than anything. This is a challenge and its the only way to connect more with yourself and with GOD. ~ Unknown

Everyone need to take some time to breathe and rejuvenate. That’s what makes us stronger to deal with everyday life! Just do it!

Growing up treating your friends like family and your family like friends is kind of hard to let go of my meaningful relationships. I have been in four weddings on two years and everyone has there own problems and family and new set of friends. I am so lost right now but I haven’t given up on my happiness. ~ Lynn Welch 

I always felt it some space in the life and to be left alone for some time there after a fresh start in life which is not only for me but for each and every one who feel that they need some space for themselves. The best place to relax is to go to a beach and have a good swim and should go in for a sunbath and a rejuvenationtherapyto keep your mind and body fresh and can do a fresh start again in your life with all the tensions out. 

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