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Woman From Kuwait Found Smuggled Gold Worth Rs 86 Lakh In Hyderabad Customs officers at Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) seized 1.646 kg of gold, valued at almost Rs 86 lakhs, from a passenger arriving from Kuwait on Thursday. Customs offic... June 18, 2022 1763 Category: International
Without Hospital, Doctor, Or Nurse, Woman Gives Birth To A Baby In The Pacific Ocean On Her Own There was no hospital, physicians, scans, or nursing staff! Can you image giving birth to a child in the middle of the ocean with no medical assistance? A woman demonstrates that it is feasible. Th... June 08, 2022 484 Category: International
In Kuwait, A Woman Abandoned Her Three Children At The Police Station In the Hawalli Region, an unidentified Kuwaiti mother walked into a police station with her three children and turned them over to the officers, claiming, "I am not responsible for them," an... March 01, 2022 362 Category: Kuwait
Woman Dies In Road Accident An unidentified Kuwaiti woman died after she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a lamppost on the Sixth Ring Road off Fintas. Al-Rai quoting security sources said, after the Operations Ro... January 05, 2022 810 Category: Crime News
Dead Body Of A Woman Found The corpse of a woman was found in a ‘dirt yard’ in the suburb of Ahmadi area, reports Al-Rai daily. Without going into details the daily said the death is being investigated. The fingers ... November 17, 2021 1292 Category: Crime News
Woman Falsely Accuses Husband Of Keeping Explosives At Home A Kuwaiti woman, at odds with her husband, told police he illegally possessed arms and explosives, local media reported. But on reaching the alleged warehouse in the area of Qurain in the governora... November 11, 2021 182 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Executed For Killing Woman, Burying Her Body An Egyptian man has been executed in Saudi Arabia for killing a woman and burning her body in Medina, the Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced today. Egyptian Issam Mohammed Helal was convicted... September 16, 2021 352 Category: Saudi Arabia
Police Probe Death Of A Forty-year-old Woman The Ministry of Interior has is investigating into the death of a forty-year-old woman who is said to have committed suicide inside her apartment in Salwa, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily quoting sec... September 01, 2021 666 Category: Crime News
Woman Held Captive By Family For 9 Years Freed Kuwait’s security authorities have freed a woman who was held captive at her family home for nine years, local media said. In a rare incident, three sisters and two brothers held their siblin... July 01, 2021 585 Category: Crime News
Woman Gives Birth On Flight, Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga had no idea a baby was coming when she went into labour on a flight from her home in Utah to Honolulu last week. “I just didn’t know I was pregnant, an... May 06, 2021 2976 Category: Information
Egyptian Woman Stabs Herself In Suicide Bid An Egyptian woman has been admitted to Al-Adan Hospital, after she attempted to commit suicide, by stabbing herself with a knife, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily said the incident happened at the Al-K... April 27, 2021 600 Category: Crime News
Accident Victim Wins Compensation And Lifetime Salary In a case filed by the family of a Kuwaiti woman via lawyer Ali Al-Wawan against the legal representative of an insurance company, the Misdemeanor Court issued a ruling to pay a Kuwaiti woman compensa... April 26, 2021 807 Category: Crime News
'Am I Next?': Protest Held In Kuwait After Horrific Murder Of Kuwaiti Woman Several protestors gathered at Kuwait’s Erada Square, in front of the National Assembly (parliament), two days after a Kuwaiti woman, Farah Akbar, was stabbed to death by a man that was released... April 22, 2021 1151 Category: Kuwait
MoI Clarifies About Reports Over Covering Up Of A Complaint Lodged Against Woman The Ministry of Interior has issued a clarification statement regarding the reports circulating on some social media sites that accuse an official of the Ministry of Interior of covering up a complain... April 20, 2021 300 Category: Crime News
Indian Woman Dies In A Fire Accident An apartment fire in Mangaf resulted in the death of an Indian woman and one has injured one person, Al Rai reported. A building guard received a report about an apartment fire in the area of Al-Ma... January 07, 2021 586 Category: India
Corpse Of Woman Found.. Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have found the corpse of a woman in an uninhabited area off King Fahd Expressway and said the woman’s identity and cause of death will be disclos... January 04, 2021 606 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Sentenced To Death For Killing Kuwaiti Woman And Her Saudi Mom Egypt sentences to death by hanging the Egyptian who was found guilty of murdering a Kuwaiti woman and her Saudi mother in October 2015, reports Al-Anba daily The media reports said that the accused, ... December 27, 2020 604 Category: Crime News
Woman Beaten Many Times By Husband Says Will Sue Him A case of domestic violence has been filed at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Police Station after all attempts by the police officers and the public investigator at the police station failed to get the Kuwaiti co... December 24, 2020 692 Category: Crime News
Lebanese Woman Mugged By Gang Of Five, Cash Withdrawn From Bank Snatched Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested five young men of different nationalities for assaulting and robbing an unidentified Lebanese woman after she withdrew money fr... December 14, 2020 569 Category: Crime News
Indian Woman Steals Jewelry Police are looking for an unidentified Indian woman, born in 1987, for allegedly stealing gold jewelry belonging to her female sponsor estimated to be worth 20,000 dinars, reports Al- Anba daily. The ... December 14, 2020 860 Category: Crime News
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