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Sentence Withheld On Kuwaiti Duo In Drugs Case The Criminal Section in the Court of Appeals cancelled the decision of a lower court, which sentenced two citizens to imprisonment for possessing narcotics. The higher court then refrained from imposi... January 24, 2019 336 Category: Crime News
Sentence Withheld Against 3 In Drugs Case The Criminal Court refrained from pronouncing penalty against driver of a black Yukon and two of his friends who were caught in possession of illicit drugs and violently resisted arrest when security ... November 07, 2018 276 Category: Crime News
Verdict Against Woman Said To Forge Documents Withheld The Criminal Court refrained from pronouncing judgment against a Kuwaiti lady who forged documents to receive social allowance from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. The lady who lied about no... August 06, 2018 326 Category: Crime News
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