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192 Residency Violators Arrested At Early Morning Security Check The Public Security department launched security campaigns Wednesday morning, under the leadership of Major General Faraj Al-Zoubi, to catch the violators in Sabhan and Fahaheel area. According to ... September 15, 2021 2388 Category: Kuwait
Traffic Campaign At Jleeb, Fahaheel, Shuwaikh To Catch Violators The Technical Inspection Department at the General Traffic Department launched a campaign at Shuwaikh, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Fahaheel area to inspect traffic violations. The violations includes expiry... September 09, 2021 496 Category: Kuwait
Residency Department Recommends Six Month Amnesty For Residency Visa Violators The General Department of Residency is calling for a ministerial decision to extend the amnesty period for 6 months to allow residency violators to amend their status and exempt them from fines incurr... March 11, 2021 1575 Category: Expats
27 People Broke The Curfew Yesterday The Ministry of Interior announced that the number of violators of the curfew and home quarantine decision reached 27, including 19 citizens and 8 residents, as legal measures were taken against them,... March 11, 2021 854 Category: Kuwait
21 Violators Caught On The First Day Of Curfew 21 violators of the curfew decision and home quarantine were arrested on the first day of the start of the curfew decision issued by the Cabinet yesterday, the Ministry of Interior announced in a pres... March 08, 2021 532 Category: Lockdown
17 Violators Under Probe The Ministry of Social Affairs referred 17 employees and supervisors to the Legal Affairs Department because they violated health requirements. This action was taken following an inspection campaig... February 11, 2021 583 Category: Crime News
‘Covid’ Violators Under Probe Following the decision of the Council of Ministers, to assign the Civil Service Bureau to set a list of penalties and penalties for employees who violate health requirements, the Assistant Undersecret... February 06, 2021 322 Category: Crime News
The Ministry Of Interior Is Preparing For The Largest Campaign Against The Residency Violators Informed security sources informed that the deadline for violators of the residency law for violators from January 1, 2020, and before that date expires at the end of January, and will not be extended... January 20, 2021 719 Category: Information
Residency Violators Rise To 180,000 Due To Absence Of Inspection Campaigns The number of residency violators in Kuwait rose to a record number as it reached 180,000. The number of illegal residents has increased by 38 percent from what they were five months ago due to the ab... January 19, 2021 238 Category: Kuwait
No Commercial Licenses For Violators - KFSD The Deputy Chief of the Prevention Sector at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Major General Khaled Fahad, announced that KFSD does not issue new licenses for shops in unlicensed buildings and co... January 09, 2021 304 Category: Kuwait
No Commercial Licenses For Violators The Deputy Chief of the Prevention Sector at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Major General Khaled Fahad, announced that KFSD does not issue new licenses for shops in unlicensed buildings and co... January 08, 2021 339 Category: Information
The Deadline Is Not Extended, And Violators Must Leave Before The End Of This Month `The Director General of the General Administration for Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Tawheed Al-Kandari, said that “the deadline for violators of th... December 30, 2020 738 Category: Information
46,000 Expats Of Visit Visa Did Not Exit Kuwait – 176,000 Residence Violators Still In The Country  As the deadline set by the Ministry of the Interior for residency violators to settle their status or leave the country expires tomorrow, the turnout of illegal expatriates to take advantag... December 29, 2020 793 Category: Visit Visa
Kuwait Likely To Extend Deadline For Residency Violators Kuwait plans to extend a grace period for expatriate violators of residency rules, according to a local newspaper. The Interior Ministry intends to give residency violators a month-long grace begin... December 29, 2020 282 Category: Kuwait
Number Of Residence Violators Rise To 171,000 There has been a significant increase in residence violators which is estimated at about 171,000. From these 74,000 expats are on Article 14, also there are visit visa holders who were unable to ... December 15, 2020 435 Category: Information
PAM To Help MOI To Solve Absconding Cases Of Residence Violators With the aim of modifying the status of residence violators before the deadline at month end, the Public Authority of Manpower has stepped up its effort to solve absconding notices of thousands of emp... December 03, 2020 428 Category: Information
Residence Law Violators Can Pay Fines & Leave By Dec 31 Approximately 130,000 violators of the residence law or those whose residence permit expired on Jan 1, 2020, are entitled to benefit from the time limit granted by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minist... November 30, 2020 567 Category: Information
MOI To Receive 2,400 Residence Violators Daily Who Wish To Amend Their Status The Ministry of Interior is prepared to receive residence violators who wish to amend their status by paying fines. According to the new deadline which was granted starting from tomorrow until the end... November 30, 2020 347 Category: Automotive
Not All Residency Law Violators Are Alike Authorities at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) responsible for dealing with residency visa violators are reported to be in a quandary, as there are now two categories of violators with each requiring s... November 01, 2020 596 Category: Information
Traffic Investigations Are Using Drones To Trace Traffic Violators The Traffic Operations Department – Traffic Investigation Department has started using new technology to pursue reckless and violating traffic regulations on the ring, main and highway roads, by... October 29, 2020 332 Category: Information
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