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Illegals, Vendors Held To Be Deported An extensive security campaign which was organized upon instructions of the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Public Security, Major-General Farraj Al- Zoubi has resulted in the... October 04, 2021 341 Category: Crime News
Beggars, Vendors Held In Mahboula The Public Security Sector in the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with Kuwait Municipality, carried out a security campaign in Mahboula, resulting in the confiscation of foodstuffs found to be un... April 18, 2021 363 Category: Crime News
Philippines Embassy Denies Its Involvement With Street Vendors After the video of street vendors selling food in  the vicinity of the Philippine embassy in Kuwait went viral the embassy confirmed that they do not support nor advise to sell foodstuffs or... December 02, 2020 440 Category: Filipinos
Campaign Launched Against Street Vendors Kuwait Municipality launched a campaign against the street vendors in the capital lead by Zaid Al-Enezi. In this campaign 6 street vendors were arrested along with their goods. Sources said that th... February 26, 2020 365 Category: Crime News
Vendors Were Seized For Selling Watermelons By The Roadside  Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah has ordered the deportation of four street vendors, reports Al-Anba daily. The ve... June 07, 2018 358 Category: Crime News
MOH Has Warned About The Spread Of Unpasteurized Milk Being Sold The Ministry of Health has warned about the spread of unpasteurized milk being sold along the streets, farms, houses and some shops due to serious consequences if humans get infected with Brucellosis.... December 11, 2017 671 Category: Kuwait
Expatriate Vendors Arrested For Selling Foodstuffs In a quick blow, the second of its kind in less than two weeks, members of the Tripartite Committee which was formed by the Council of Ministers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior carried o... November 05, 2017 598 Category: Crime News
Farwaniya Municipality Organize Field Campaigns And Lifting Neglected Vehicles Farwaniya Municipality’s Department of Public Hygiene and Road Occupancy continued to organize field campaigns covering all areas of the governorate as part of the wide campaign launched by Kuwa... September 29, 2017 739 Category: Crime News
Municipality Removed 18 Abandoned Cars In Farwaniya Farwaniya Municipality workers carried out campaigns in Farwaniya and Jleeb shoyoukh which resulted in the removal of 18 abandoned cars in Farwaniya. Also, a ton of furniture and electric equipment we... September 26, 2017 579 Category: Crime News
Manpower Authority Director Has Given WhatsApp Number To Complain About Roaming Vendors Public can register their complaints concerning “loose” and roaming laborers through a special WhatsApp number. According Head of the joint committee and the Manpower Authority Director Ab... August 27, 2017 1058 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Ice Cream Street Vendors Are Considered As Saviors And Heroes Riding on their bikes throughout the streets, Kuwait’s ice cream street vendors are considered as saviors and heroes, providing delicious and cool “goodies” during the unbearable hea... July 23, 2017 685 Category: Kuwait
Muncipality Clamps Down On Vendors Mingling With Revelers Of National Occasions Municipality clamps down on vendors mingling with revelers of national occasions  Emergency teams of Kuwait Municipality, during the first day of the national occasions, took punitiv... February 26, 2017 1744 Category: Kuwait
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