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Life In Kuwait Is Good And We Are Not Considering Returning Home – Filipinos Several Filipinos are indifferent to the call of their president to leave the country and have remained resolute in staying in Kuwait. They unanimously agree that “life in Kuwait is good and we ... May 01, 2018 3135 Category: Filipinos
Kuwait Gains Observer Status At IOM The International Organization for Migration's (IOM) executive council unanimously agreed Tuesday to officially grant Kuwait observer status.
 Addressing the 108th session of the IOM council,... November 29, 2017 786 Category: Kuwait
Women Should Be Confined To Their Homes To Take Care Of Kids The number of domestic workers in Kuwait as of December 2016 was 613,407, and Kuwaiti women who are dedicated to their household chores have reached 78,277 in number, according to statistics from the ... July 31, 2017 830 Category: Crime News
Parliament Unanimously Approved The Proposal To Amend Companies Law The Parliament unanimously approved the proposal to amend Companies Law No. 1/2016 in its first and second readings on Wednesday. A total of 45 members voted in favor of the bill in the first reading ... April 13, 2017 901 Category: Kuwait
Approving A Draft Law On Donations The parliamentary Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee on Sunday discussed a number of bills and approved a draft law on donations, grants and foreign aids. Committee Chairman MP Mohammed Al-D... January 16, 2017 628 Category: Kuwait
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