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Selling ‘non-existent’ Farms Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) put an end to the story of a dismissed employee from the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) who was swindl... April 20, 2021 464 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Disappears After Selling KD2m Worth Of Fake Kuwait Residence Permits Over the past week, several Egyptians launched a campaign to expose an Egyptian broker who allegedly fled the scene after collecting almost two million Kuwaiti dinars in exchange for providing residen... April 19, 2021 1632 Category: Crime News
Marginal Workers Caught Selling Spoils In Desert Areas The desert has not been spared from the encroachment of marginal workers and others belonging to companies that follow government contracts specialized in transporting waste wood materials, clothes, i... November 05, 2020 449 Category: Information
Kuwait FM Vows Legal Action Against Selling Service Barcodes The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry warned on Saturday that it would take the appropriate legal action to deter any bid to sell barcodes for consular services and to monitor and thwart wrongdoings. The ... November 01, 2020 593 Category: Kuwait
Asian Gang Caught Selling Parking Spaces For KD 2 In Shopping Malls An innovative ‘exploitative’ idea emerged in the minds of ten Asian workers to take advantage of the crowded parking lot of a commercial complex in Al-Rai area, occupy the largest number o... October 21, 2020 541 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Caught Selling Stolen Goods Admits To Thefts  Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have closed the file of several thefts following the arrest of an unidentified Kuwaiti who was caught red-handed while selling some of ... October 19, 2020 480 Category: Automotive
Deportation For Expat Forging Consumer Loan Certificates And Selling For 100 KD Each An Arab expatriate was referred to deportation center after he was caught red-handed by the general department of criminal investigation for selling certificates stating that there are no consumer loa... September 16, 2020 782 Category: Crime News
Maids Office Indian Secretary Caught Selling, Hiring Domestic Workers Illegally An Indian secretary working for one of the domestic labor office has been arrested and referred to the concerned authority for taking advantage of her position to ‘sell’ or hire domestic w... June 25, 2020 1013 Category: Crime News
Selling Of Car On Temporary Visa I have been working in a private company as engineer. My work visa is expiring in the first week of next month. Now, the company has given me the termination letter with three months notice. To comple... February 15, 2020 458 Category: Legal
An Organized Gang Selling Counterfeit Phones The security authorities have intensified their efforts to arrest members of an organized gang that has invented a new trick to persuade residents in the country to buy counterfeit Chinese phones, rep... January 28, 2020 333 Category: Crime News
MoI Eyes Proper Mechanism For Selling Drones The Criminal Security Sector at the Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, will soon implement a mechanism for selling drones (unmanned aerial vehicle), reports Al-Jarida dai... December 03, 2019 512 Category: Crime News
Maids For Sale - Kuwait Ministry Cracks Down on Slave Trading MOI sources revealed that the file of domestic workers turned into something like a flame ball, and witnessed escalating developments and caught 150 expatriates who had formed gangs and were dealing w... October 31, 2019 4458 Category: Expats
Life Imprisonment For Selling Visas To 400 Expats For KD 1,500 Each Caught for selling visas to 400 expats for KD 1,500 each a Kuwaiti and an Egyptian businessman were handed a sentence of life imprisonment by Kuwait criminal court, including a Saudi, two Egyptians an... September 25, 2019 1805 Category: Crime News
Campaign In Mubarakiya Market - Many Shops Selling Fake Items The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, through its Commercial Fraud Prevention and Consumer Protection Unit and emergency teams, in coordination with Mubarakiya Market Center, discovered a number of c... September 19, 2019 1470 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Universities In Kuwait Selling Bachelor Degree For KD 1,500 It seems the phenomenon of shops selling fake certificates has resurfaced, reports Al- Qabas daily. According to the daily a training institute that claims to be the agent of one of the accredited Egy... July 31, 2019 1537 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Brings In 106 Expats By Selling Visas – Collects 150,000 KD  In a new case of trafficking in human beings and in a case that confirms that the Ministry of Interior has put the visa traders under its microscope, the General Department of Residence Affairs ... July 24, 2019 347 Category: Expats
Kuwaiti Acquitted Of Selling Brain Stimulants, Resisting Arrest The Court of First Instance has ordered Public Authority for Disability (PAD) to pay a Kuwaiti man partial blindness allowance for maid or driver retroactively. In a lawsuit filed on behalf of the pla... June 16, 2019 315 Category: Crime News
MoH Clamps Down On Private Clinics For Selling Imported Creams To Patients The Ministry of Health has clamped down on private clinics for selling drugs directly to patients, contrary to the law of practicing the profession of pharmacy, which prevents clinics from selling med... April 16, 2019 398 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Zubaidi Fish Selling At KD 24 Per Kilo Despite the high prices, Kuwait has been satisfying the needs of fish lovers with different types of fish from Kuwait waters although prices vary, reports Al-Rai daily. Sources say the price of the... March 03, 2019 2025 Category: Kuwait
Hawkers On Streets Selling Wood With the rising demand for wood which is considered the ‘fruit’ of winter as it is often used in camping sites and other areas during this season, some road pavements have been transformed... January 17, 2019 667 Category: Crime News
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