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Syrian Youth Arrested For Driving Recklessly And Hits 3 Siblings A Syrian youth was arrested for driving recklessly near a primary school in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area and hitting three young siblings – one boy and two girls. According to security sources, whe... November 24, 2019 300 Category: Crime News
An Infamous Stunt Performer Arrested For Driving Recklessly On Public Roads An infamous stunt performer, who has appeared in many videos on social media in which he can be seen driving recklessly on public roads, was arrested in Thaher area. According to security sources, whe... April 19, 2019 281 Category: Crime News
Five Individuals Were Arrested In Oyoun Area For Driving Recklessly Five individuals were arrested in Oyoun area for driving recklessly, and their vehicles were seized. According to security sources, officers from Public Security Sector, based on instructions from Ass... April 15, 2018 372 Category: Driving License
4 Citizens Driving Recklessly Arrested Four Kuwaiti citizens were arrested and their vehicles, which did not have number plates, seized after the suspects were caught driving recklessly in Arifjan area. According to security sources, Ahmad... October 18, 2016 1134 Category: Driving License
4 Arrested For Driving Recklessly, Racing, Endangering Lives And Attacking Police Officers At Sulaibiya Four youths were arrested for driving recklessly, racing, endangering lives and attacking police officers at Sulaibiya. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, Public Relations and Securi... November 22, 2015 2412 Category: Driving License
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