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Rain Is Expected On Sunday According to meteorologist Muhammad Karam, the country will have scattered light rain on Sunday. The rain could be thundery at times, and moderate northwest winds of 15 to 35 kilometers per hour are f... March 13, 2022 241 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Rain Is Possible During National Celebrations Meteorologist Fahad Al-Otaibi said that based on the most recent update of the numerical forecast maps; there is a chance of scattered rain and dust on February 25 and 26 during the national celebrati... February 24, 2022 214 Category: Weather in Kuwait
This Weekend Is Likely To Be Cloudy And Rainy The Meteorological Department warns that a high pressure system with southwesterly winds will bring warm, humid winds and low and medium cloud cover until Saturday. In a report in the daily, Yasser Al... February 10, 2022 286 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait To Witness Very Cold Weather At Night On Weekend, Frost In Desert The Kuwait Meteorological Department said that the country’s weather on Thursday will be moderate, with southeasterly winds turning to northwesterly light to moderate, with speeds ranging betwee... January 27, 2022 358 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Land Of Kuwait After The Rain The heavy rains that Kuwait witnessed yesterday for more than 12 hours left its mark on the ground to form a group of water gatherings (khabari) in the wild areas, which led to the partial submersion ... January 04, 2022 235 Category: Kuwait
Meteorologists Torrential Rain In Kuwait Until Tomorrow The Meteorological Department said the State of Kuwait would witness torrential rain from the early morning Wednesday, until Thursday. The cloudy and thundering weather will be accompanied by moderate... December 29, 2021 225 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Rain Expected To Continue Till Monday Night The chances of rain that the country is currently experiencing will continue until Monday night, Meteorologist Issa Ramadan said. The thunderstorms passing over Kuwait Saturday night will continue ... December 19, 2021 231 Category: Kuwait
Meteorological Department Predicts It Will Rain Late Night The Meteorological Department said Kuwait is under the influence of seasonal air depression in the upper atmosphere, which leads to the appearance of low and medium clouds accompanied by light drizzle... November 22, 2021 785 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Scattered Light Rain At Day Time; Increases By Night Kuwait is currently affected by low and medium clouds accompanied by scattered light rain during the day time, the Kuwait Meteorology department informed. Meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi told tha... November 21, 2021 359 Category: Kuwait
Chances Of Light Rain On Monday, Tuesday. Temperature To Drop By Next Week Meteorologist Muhammad Karam said an increase in chances of a light rain in the country on Monday and Tuesday. Karam told that the weather will return to stability on Wednesday and Thursday, and Fr... November 15, 2021 236 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Scattered Rain Expected Till Monday Noon Kuwait will witness scattered rain in some areas of the country from today, Sunday, and is expected to continue until Monday noon, Meteorology department informed. Meteorologists told that the rain... November 07, 2021 320 Category: Kuwait
Light Rain Expected From This Wednesday: Meteorologist Issa Ramadan Starting from this Wednesday, Kuwait may witness light rains in some part of the country, Meteorologist Issa Ramadan said. The chances of rain will increase by Thursday, he said. These rains may be... October 25, 2021 559 Category: Weather in Kuwait
NYC Declares Emergency Due To Record-breaking Rain New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency due to the continued unprecedented floods caused by heavy rainfall, which paralyzed the entire general transportation network. De Bl... September 02, 2021 341 Category: International
Rain In Northern Kuwait Due To Formation Of Clouds Due To Humidity The Meteorological Department attributed the light rain in the northern region of Kuwait today evening was due to the formation of clouds as a result of the presence of high humidity. In similar co... August 05, 2021 1038 Category: Kuwait
Chances Of Thunderstorms Metrorologist Muhammad Karam told that there is an opportunity for thunderstorms to fall at times in some areas of Kuwait, and that the chances of rain will remain until tomorrow noon, Sunday. He p... May 22, 2021 610 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Drivers Urged To Be Cautious Due To Rain Kuwaiti nationals and residents were warned to exercise caution when driving due to rainy conditions in some areas of the country. Those in need of security or traffic-related assistance were urged... February 07, 2021 294 Category: New Rules
Asphalting Of Roads Damaged In 2018, Recent Rains Continues The Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) continues the asphalt pavement works on several highways as per the seven maintenance contracts it signed earlier, in addition to other road wo... January 03, 2021 358 Category: Information
No Rain Until The Last Week Of This Month Astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq said that the temperature in Kuwait is expected to decrease during the next two days, ranging between 18 and 21 degrees during the day, and during the night it will reach 9 ... December 11, 2020 458 Category: Information
Emergency Teams Ensure Smooth Flow Of Rain Water To Sewage Lines The emergency teams of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), the Public Authority for Roads Transport (PART) and other concerned authorities to look into the after-effects of the rain. The ministry i... December 08, 2020 275 Category: Information
44 People Trapped By Rain Floods Rescued Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) announced on Sunday that its teams rescued 44 people who were trapped due to the current heavy rains. The Department of Public Relations and Information at KFF stated in a pres... December 06, 2020 299 Category: Information
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