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Getting Parents On 3 Months Visit Visa When Wife Is Pregnant I am staying in Kuwait on a dependent visa of my husband for a year, now I am pregnant and I want parents to come and stay with me for my delivery. Is it possible to get 3 months visa for them to stay... December 11, 2019 6165 Category: Legal
Company Policy – Fire Pregnant Ladies I’m worried that my wife is now pregnant but she is almost 2 years in her company now and she was directly hired from Philippines. We got married 3 years ago and now we are very happy she is pre... December 05, 2019 1737 Category: Legal
Kuwait Woman Surgeon Posts Photo Of Her Working While Pregnant For A Reason A pregnant Kuwaiti surgeon took to her Twitter account to post a photo which showed her working in the hospital.  Dr Mariam Malallah had posted the photo in response to comments... August 01, 2019 893 Category: Kuwait
How Many Months Mother-in-law Can Stay On Visit Visa – Wife Pregnant My wife is now pregnant and I want her to deliver in Kuwait hospital. I and my mother in law have come to Kuwait and staying here for the last three months so that she can take care of the new baby bu... October 04, 2018 851 Category: Visit Visa
Pregnant Before Marriage – Giving Birth In Kuwait Good day! I just want to ask about giving birth here in Kuwait. My friend is five months pregnant and she is married here in Kuwait to an American citizen. They are both working here. They just got ma... March 23, 2018 3880 Category: Legal
Withdrawal Of Resignation During Notice Period I just want to ask if I can cancel my resignation before my 3 months notice finished, because just now I have known that I am pregnant and so I don’t have any other option but to stay on with th... November 25, 2017 1800 Category: Legal
My Wife Is Pregnant And Delivery Will Be Done In Kuwait - Dependent Visa For New Born I am working in a private company holding visa 18 … my monthly basic salary is KD 300+KD 120 allowance. My wife is also working in a private company holding visa category 18 and has a montly ba... October 17, 2017 1860 Category: Dependent Visa
Kuwaiti Citizen Attacked His Wife After She Forged Medical Test Stated That She Is Pregnant A Kuwaiti citizen attacked his wife and broke her nose during a quarrel between them that erupted after she forged medical test which stated that she is pregnant. ; (adsbygoogle = August 22, 2017 630 Category: Crime News
Visit Visa Salary Cap To Bring Mother-in-law - Wife Pregnant Hi, I would like to know salary details about visit visa. My salary is KD 250 & my husband salary also KD 250. Now I am pregnant, I want to bring my mother, is it possible to me? Name withheld ... August 01, 2017 2070 Category: Visit Visa
Pregnant Woman After Delivery Want To Sponsor Infant Residence on her name as dependent I am 4 months pregnant, my husband is in India. After delivery is it possible to put the infant residence on my name as dependent. I am drawing salary of KD 450. If yes, need to know the procedure. ... May 05, 2017 7972 Category: Legal
Staying Out Of Country More Then 6 Months I have certain queries … could you guide me: 1. My wife and 2-year-old daughter are my dependents on visa Article 22. My wife is 3 months pregnant and doctors have suggested that she take co... February 14, 2017 2337 Category: Legal
Doctors Pleaded For Pregnant Women to Shift Australia For not to face a Complex Birth Doctors have pleaded for a heavily pregnant refugee on Nauru island facing a complex and possibly life-threatening birth to be moved to an Australian hospital, reports Al-Rai daily quoting BuzzFeed we... January 30, 2017 2269 Category: Kuwait
MOE Has Requested The CSC to quickly respond to the request about reduction in working hours of pregnant employees Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athary has requested the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to indicate the date for implementing reduction in working hours of pregnant female employees... December 08, 2016 1002 Category: Kuwait
Wife Pregnant, Can I Get Visa For Motherinlaw My wife is pregnant and is in Kuwait on a dependent family visa. Can I bring my mother-in- law (53 yrs) to look after my wife until the delivery? Is it possible that I can get a 3-month visit visa? My... August 03, 2016 4925 Category: Legal
Wife Pregnant Want To Get Mother-in- Law On Visit Visa Question : My wife is pregnant and in Kuwait. She has been recommended bed rest by the doctors. Can I bring my mother or motherin- law to look after my wife until the delivery. Both are over 50 y... July 02, 2016 2385 Category: Visit Visa
A 37 Year Old Pregnant Filipina Woman Delivers Baby At Dubai Airport A 37-year-old pregnant Filipina whose baby was overdue by two weeks, had to be deplaned as she went into labour and delivered a baby at the Dubai International Airport Clinic, officials from Dubai Hea... June 10, 2016 4883 Category: Others
Texas Teacher Arrested Who Got Pregnant After Sex With 13 Year Old Student A teacher in Texas accused of getting pregnant during an alleged sexual relationship with a 13-year-old pupil has been arrested after turning herself in to police. Alexandria ... June 02, 2016 17911 Category: International
A Filipino Maid Found Pregnant A citizen accompanied his Filipino housemaid to file a case with officers at Al-Rawda police station accusing a Sri Lankan driver of the house of having sex with her several times inside the employer&... March 23, 2016 7134 Category: Kuwait
Child Sex Slave Raped By 10 ISIS Militants, Now Pregnant A NINE-year-old girl who was taken as a sex slave by Isis was raped by 10 militants and is now pregnant, it has been reported. According to an aid worker, the girl is a member of the Yazidi Chris... February 19, 2016 8733 Category: Kuwait
Pregnant Woman Beaten Police rescued a pregnant Egyptian woman from her husband who had locked her up after beating her during a dispute. She was taken to Jahra hospital for treatment. Police had to go the house along with... October 15, 2015 1840 Category: Kuwait
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