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The Government Is Considering Paying Rents And Salaries For Suspended Activities The government began drawing scenarios to compensate business owners affected by the recent decisions to close some economic activities, coinciding with the committee for improving the parliamentary b... February 09, 2021 1024 Category: Kuwait
Payroll Calculation I am working in the Human Resources Department of my company and have been in charge of payroll process for a period of time. During my experience in that field, with that company and some others, ... October 05, 2016 9537 Category: Legal
Public Sector Payroll To Hit KD13 Bn In The Next Three Years The total amount of salaries paid to employees in the public sector is expected to increase to KD 13 billion in the next three years double of last year’s KD 6.2 million. A report published by a... August 25, 2016 4125 Category: Kuwait
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