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Average Rate Of Satisfaction Among Citizens And Expats For Services Is 62 Pc According to a study conducted by government performance follow up agency, the average rate of satisfaction among citizens and expatriates for the state services offered to them in 2017 is 62 percent,... February 05, 2018 590 Category: Kuwait
Court Acquitted Three Suspects Of Stealing Two Vehicles The Criminal Circuit of the First Instance Court acquitted three suspects of stealing two vehicles and welding machines from a company store in Sebiya area. Legal representative of the company said... November 06, 2017 604 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Making Progress On Paperless Procedures Kuwait is making tangible progress towards embracing a full-fledged e-system to be activated across government bodies and institutions, said a Kuwaiti official yesterday. In remarks to KUNA on the sid... October 09, 2017 658 Category: Kuwait
Ministries Of Education Resolve The Fate Of Forged Certificates  After less than two years of scandal concerning the sale of ‘adviser certificates’ for KD 300, the ministries of Education and Higher Education has yet to resolve the fate of forged ... January 19, 2017 818 Category: Crime News
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