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Our Information Ministry In The 21st Century WE nicknamed our Ministry of Information as the ‘Ministry of Jalaal Al-Din Al-Rumi’ after one of its senior officials issued an order to prohibit the thinker Al-Rumi from delivering a spee... January 17, 2019 895 Category: Article
Our Performance Of All Governmental Departments, Institutions And Corporation Are Declining The performance of all our governmental departments, institutions and corporation are declining. They are not serving the national interest of this young nation which is full of ambitions and great ob... December 02, 2018 355 Category: Business
Solomon Hoopoe Away From Our Reach The hoopoe bird has a place in the religious heritage that is not enjoyed by any other bird. It lived in Kuwait in the 1960s and at certain times (seasons) it migrated to other areas where food was av... November 23, 2018 1152 Category: Article
Our And Western Charities I do not know if it is stupidity or ignorance to think about comparing the size and quality of financial, technical and medical aid offered by Western charities with similar institutions in the Gulf c... November 01, 2018 984 Category: Article
Our Private Sector, You Have Made Us Proud SAUDI ARABIA’s Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published on the Business World page of its Sept 30 edition a news item that delighted me and restored my selfconfidence as a Kuwaiti who belongs to this... October 04, 2018 1137 Category: Article
It Is Not Our Job - Coast Guard A Kuwaiti has expressed his displeasure against officers of the concerned department in the Ministry of Interior for allegedly ignoring his distress call and failing to assist him when his yacht devel... September 16, 2018 724 Category: Kuwait
You Remain Our Hope This is the third time I write about you although I have not met you before. With all respect to you, I say you do not need me and I don’t have to flatter you. I have got everything I want from ... September 05, 2018 1267 Category: Article
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