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136 Abandoned Cars Seized From Hawally The Department of General Cleanliness and Road Works at the Hawally Municipality carried out several field inspections at all areas of the governorate last week and removed abandoned cars and vehicles... October 19, 2021 211 Category: Crime News
Security Campaign In Hawally Nets 35 Violators A surprise security campaign on Tuesday evening in the Hawally area resulted in arresting 35 violators. Among arrested two people were found in possession of drugs and wanted for theft cases, seven we... September 23, 2021 386 Category: Crime News
Firemen Tackle Hawally, Jleeb Fires When different types of material caught fire on an open ground between two residential buildings in Hawally, fire engines from Hawally and Salmiya fire centers rushed to the area and put out the fire ... August 03, 2021 189 Category: Crime News
Hawally Residents Decry Neglect Over Tons Of Scattered Garbage Scores of Hawally residents say they are dissatisfied because they felt neglected by the authorities given the amount of slums and garbage scattered all over the area, add to this the abandoned partly... February 22, 2021 288 Category: Kuwait
Hawally Infested With Mice, Cats, Stray Dogs – Corona Blamed The situation in Hawalli is no different from some of the cities around the world when it comes to cleanliness or infested by rodents, reports Al-Rai daily. The situation in Hawalli was caused by the ... November 08, 2020 445 Category: Coronavirus
Emergency Plan At Mubarak Hospital Resolved Crisis During Power Outage In Hawally Area - MOH The Ministry of Health confirmed that during power outage in Hawally Governorate, Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital’s workflow was not affected. Inside the ward, ICUs or laboratories carried out operat... October 29, 2020 394 Category: Kuwait
Investigate Expat Woman Working In Hawally Municipality Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Walid Al- Jassem has requested the Director of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to take the necessary legal action and refer the complaint filed by employe... September 24, 2020 1140 Category: Expats
Filipino Commits Suicide In Hawally A building guard in Hawally reported to operations room of MOI that a body was lying in the courtyard of the building. After the security men rushed to the location it became clear that the corpse bel... August 27, 2020 958 Category: Filipinos
2 Citizens File Cases Of Feud In Hawally The Ministry of Interior recorded two cases of assault by citizens in Hawally Governorate. The Ministry of the Interior stated clarifying on a video which was being circulated on some social media ... July 21, 2020 1444 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Kills His Colleague In Hawally A quarrel took place between two Egyptians which one of them died with stab wound in Hawally area. The security men arrested the perpetrator and seized the knife. He has been referred to the Public... July 13, 2020 535 Category: Crime News
Drunk Indian Collided With 5 Vehicles In Hawally A drunk Indian damaged five vehicles parked on the sidewalk in the Hawally area after colliding with them, 4 locally distilled liquor bottles were found in his car. The Ministry of Interior control... June 26, 2020 1267 Category: Crime News
Atmosphere Of Happiness In Hawally On the morning of the first day of the lifting of the isolation from the Hawally region which lasted for three weeks the residents of the region crossed over the boundaries of Hawally that were barric... June 22, 2020 783 Category: Lockdown
Hawally And Khaitan Residents happy after lifting up the Lockdown As a reward to the commitment for adhering health precautions the Cabinet Council decided in its last extraordinary meeting to de-isolate Hawally and Khaitan due to remarkable reduce in number of infe... June 20, 2020 1107 Category: Lockdown
Kuwait National Guard Distributes Food Baskets To Expats In Hawally The Kuwait National Guard distributed a number of food baskets to the expats of the isolated region of Hawally in the precautionary manner, according to a decision by the Council of Ministers and as p... June 20, 2020 698 Category: Food
Isolation Ends For Khaitan And Hawally; New Curfew Timing 7 Pm To 5 Am From Sunday Kuwait government decided Thursday to ease restrictions imposed due to curb spread of coronavirus as of Sunday, June 21, but would not allow public sector’s workers to return to their offices ne... June 18, 2020 3342 Category: Lockdown
Hawally To Be Free From Isolation The Council of Ministers decided to de-isolate the Hawally area. This came in the current extraordinary meeting of the Council as part of its continuous follow-up to discuss the reports of authorities... June 18, 2020 5374 Category: Lockdown
Expats Create Chaos During Distribution Of Food Aid In Hawally Hawally area witnessed a state of chaos, stampede and undisciplined behavior that necessitated the intervention of the special forces and postponed the distribution of food aid for need expats until n... June 15, 2020 2244 Category: Expats
Hawally Shows Positive Indicator For Lifting Isolation, Followed By Farwaniya And Khaitan With constant evaluation and check on health conditions in the isolated areas, it appears that the Hawally region has come closest for isolation to be lifted first based on the results achieved with r... June 13, 2020 4025 Category: Lockdown
Continuous evaluation of health conditions and assessment in some isolated areas  Informed sources confirmed that there is a continuous evaluation of health conditions and assessment in some isolated areas which are based on the scale of transmission of infection from corona ... June 07, 2020 2703 Category: Coronavirus
Man Arrested For Firing Randomly In Hawally Area Security officers arrested a person shortly after a person started firing randomly in Hawally area as video clip was published documenting the suspected crime The defendant was arrested in Hawally ... June 02, 2020 1214 Category: Crime News
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