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Second Coronavirus Case Discharged After Completing Quarantine A second case, which contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19), was discharged after completing the necessary quarantine period, said a Health Ministry spokesman Wednesday. Ministry spokesman Dr. Abdul... March 05, 2020 441 Category: Coronavirus
Leaving Kuwait For Good Before Completing The Contract Period I was recruited from India and have been working in Kuwait for the last one year. Since I have some problems back at home, I am planning to leave the country for good by the end of March. Is it possib... November 03, 2019 6844 Category: Legal
Resignation Before Completing Contract Period I was hired by a company and I have completed 10 months in that organization although I have a contract for 2 years. I have now resigned from the company and I am a university degree holder. I want to... March 21, 2018 1204 Category: Legal
Company Is Not Willing To Give Release Even After Completing Notice Period I have been working in a private company for the last 10 years. I am getting a good offer from another company and hence continuing with my current job. I have submitted my resignation. I am almost ab... May 09, 2017 763 Category: Legal
Arab Man Arrested For Completing Transactions For Money Personnel from General Immigration Department have arrested an Arab man, working as a representative (mandoub) for an unidentified company and referred him to the Public Prosecution for completion tra... May 05, 2017 565 Category: Crime News
Doctor Wants To Transfer Different Hospital Before Completing 3 Yrs Of Service Thanks for the highly valuable community service through your columns! Your contribution has been helping hundreds of people. This question is for a friend of mine. He is a qualified doctor, working f... September 02, 2016 1627 Category: Legal
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