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Visa Transfer – Came To Kuwait As Helper But Have Masters Degree I came to Kuwait two years before as helper on Visa 18. I am having masters degree. I would like to know if my visa can be transferred upon completion of two in current company if my current sponsor i... April 15, 2019 642 Category: Legal
Transferring From Visa 20 To Visa 18 – Initially Came On 18 No Visa My issue is regarding visa transfer. I came to Kuwait on a Visa 20 and subsequently changed to 18 company visa. Over the past 7 years I have changed my 18 company visa under different sponsors. Recent... November 19, 2018 9771 Category: Legal
Transfer Of Project Visa – Came To Kuwait On Visa 18, Now On Project Visa Dear sir, I am working in one company; it’s projects visa, but I came to Kuwait on Visa 18 restaurant job, can I change again to Visa 18, please let me know. Thank you. Name withheld Answe... June 09, 2018 8203 Category: Project Visa
Civil ID Number Changed When Came Back On New Visa I have been living in Kuwait since 2009. On Dec 26, 2017 I had exited the country and came back on a new visa on March 10, 2018. My company could not complete the residency process on time due to t... May 14, 2018 3708 Category: Civil ID
Transfer Of Factory Visa – Came To Kuwait On Company Visa My colleague entered Kuwait on company visa 18. He later shifted to factory visa and was there for 4 years. Can he transfer to company visa again? What is the procedure? Name withheld Answer: Si... May 13, 2018 1889 Category: Legal
Validity Of Driving Licence , Came Back To Kuwait On New Visa I got a driving licence in 1996. My licence expired on April 6, 2017. Now I am on a new visa (18) and the profession mentioned is ‘Labourer’. My old profession was Spare Parts Incharge. I ... June 07, 2017 6289 Category: Driving License
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