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On Roads, Driving Construction Vehicles Are Banned Unless Necessary Driving construction vehicles should not be driven on public roads unless they are extremely necessary, as construction vehicles will be seized and the driver will be held for violating the law. Ac... September 07, 2022 172 Category: Kuwait
“In Kuwait, Everything Is Forbidden” The Chinese vaccine has been okayed by all the Gulf countries except Kuwait because Kuwait, as they say, is different in everything. It means the Emiratis, the Bahrainis, the Egyptians, the Moroccans ... June 21, 2021 1990 Category: Kuwait
Allowing Return Of Residents From Banned Countries Only Today An informed source announced to "Al-Qabas" that official approvals have been issued by the civil aviation authorities to include the return of residents from banned countries, who hold valid... December 22, 2020 3504 Category: Travel
New COVID-19 Strain Found In UK: Spreads 70 Times Faster, Strict Lockdown Imposed The U.K. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has warned that the UK has been hit with a new strain of the novel coronavirus that is known to spread at a more rapid rate than the conventional kind.  ... December 20, 2020 4283 Category: Coronavirus
Return Of Expats From 34 Banned Countries Mulled – Package Costly Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) will hold a meeting next week with National Aviation Services (NAS) to coordinate and discuss the appropriate mechanism for the return of expatriates from the 34 banne... November 28, 2020 1927 Category: Expats
Institution Quarantine Costs Can Go Up To KD 700 For Returnees From The 34 Banned Countries While it is expected that the Council of Ministers, in its scheduled session today, will consider the proposal submitted by the General Administration of Civil Aviation to lift the ban on the 34 count... November 19, 2020 1239 Category: Travel
Institutional Quarantine For Returning Domestic Workers From 34 Banned Countries Not More Than 30 KD Per Day  Everyone has been eagerly waiting for a decision from the Council of Ministers to lift a ban imposed on 34 countries as Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways have announced that they are fully read... November 16, 2020 2613 Category: Travel
News On Banned 34 Countries Feeds Hope For Local Economy  In reaction to what was published by Al-Rai daily, concerning the requirement of the health authorities in the event the citizens of the 34 countries who are stranded outside the country are all... November 14, 2020 1501 Category: Travel
7 Days Hotel Quarantine For Those Returning From 34 Banned Countries The Directorate General of Civil Aviation  is awaiting the Ministry of Health’s announcement to start operations of Kuwait International Airport for 24 hours from 17th Nov onward. The healt... November 11, 2020 9867 Category: Travel
Poison Of Rape Drug On Banned List Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have recommended that a type of a drug which was smuggled into the country by a member of the National Guard to list of prohibited narcotic s... November 09, 2020 1291 Category: Crime News
Airlines’ Proposals To MOH On Banned 34 Countries Still Under Study While the economic sectors, especially the travel and tourism sector in the country, are waiting to resolve the bottleneck caused by the partial closure of the airport, an informed source revealed tha... November 05, 2020 1071 Category: Travel
Talks On To Ease Entry For Banned 34 Countries During a meeting held last week among Kuwait Airways, Jazeera Airways, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Health, an agreement was reached to ease travel restrictions for th... October 24, 2020 3609 Category: Travel
Minister Of Health Promised To Study Proposal To Allow Entry Of Expats From 34 Banned Countries The Kuwait Airways  said that the Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, met today with representatives of Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways, to discuss the proposal submitted by the two compan... October 22, 2020 2154 Category: Travel
Hanging Clothes In Balconies Banned The governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, confirmed that the governorate launched its strict campaign to eliminate the phenomenon of hanging clothes in the facades of the buildings, the cam... October 19, 2020 933 Category: Information
First Flight From Banned Countries Carrying Expat Judicial Personnel Arrives Kuwait International Airport recently catered to the first fl ight transporting expatriate judicial personnel, members of the Public Prosecution and employees in the Ministry of Justice who came from ... October 12, 2020 1900 Category: Travel
Charter Flights For Stranded Staff From Banned 34 Countries The Corona Emergency Committee headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh has made it clear that if any of the stranded staff is ... September 27, 2020 4250 Category: Travel
Kuwait Adds Yemen, France And Argentina In Banned Countries List The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has updated the list of countries that are prohibited from entering Kuwait. Yemen, France and Argentina has been added to the list and Singapore has been remo... September 17, 2020 1003 Category: Kuwait
You can still enter Kuwait by staying for 14 days in any country which is not in banned list  The list of the 32 countries who have been banned from entering the country is still awaiting evaluation by the health authorities for review, informed sources confirmed that the entry of nation... September 12, 2020 6491 Category: Travel
Ban list for the 32 countries will be reviewed on Thursday Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that The Council of Ministers decided during its meeting today, Monday, to review the list of 32 countries banned from entering the country next Thursday. In... September 07, 2020 7918 Category: Lockdown
List Of 32 Banned Countries Under Evaluation The weekly cabinet meeting which takes place every Monday will be presented with evaluation of the fourth stage of the plan to return to normal life according to a health report in order to prepare fo... September 06, 2020 4393 Category: Information
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