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Kuwait Gvnt Has Deported 31,000 Expats Related To Health Issues In 2016, the government of Kuwait has deported 31,000 expatriates, which roughly works out to 85 people per day or one person every fifteen minutes and compared to four cases every hour the previous y... October 05, 2017 1326 Category: Kuwait
Officers Arrested Two Asians For Running A Liquor Factory Officers from Ahmadi Security Directorate arrested two Asians for running a liquor factory inside their fl at, says Al-Seyassah. A security source said Ahmadi Security Chief Brigadier Abdullah Safaa r... October 03, 2017 948 Category: Crime News
Two Kuwaiti Citizens Arrested For Consuming Liquor And Possessing Methamphetamine Two Kuwaiti citizens were arrested in Riqqa area for consuming liquor and possessing methamphetamine, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen noticed the two indiv... September 27, 2017 579 Category: Crime News
Drunken Indian Driver Arrested For Hitting The Vehicle A drunken Indian man lost control over his car when he encountered patrolmen on the way to Sabah Al-Salem area, reports Al-Rai daily. In attempt to escape, the Indian motorist hit and damaged the patr... September 15, 2017 496 Category: Crime News
Drunken American Assaulting Two Lance Corporals An unidentified American has been referred to the Public Prosecution for assaulting two lance corporals, reports Al-Anba daily. This happened when the man was arrested for driving under the influence ... September 13, 2017 537 Category: Crime News
Officers Arrested An Indian For Violating Law And For Possession Of 73 Bottles Of Local Alcohol Two officers from Farwaniya Security Command arrested an Indian for violating the law and for the possession of 73 bottles of local alcohol, reports Al-Rai daily. While patrolling in Hassawi, the o... August 28, 2017 395 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Seizes 4,000 Bottles Of Alcohol Authorities in Kuwait have foiled an attempt to smuggle around 4,000 bottles of alcohol  into the country. The bottles were concealed in a container of construction material that was being transp... August 24, 2017 873 Category: Crime News
No Increase In Expatriate Medical Insurance For The Next Few Years The announcement of impending price increases for healthcare services across public centers in Kuwait for non-nationals was met with an outcry from the expatriate workforce who found it unfair as they... August 24, 2017 1604 Category: Kuwait
44-year Old Syrian Who Was Wanted By Law Was Arrested For Consuming Alcohol Acting on information police rushed to an apartment in Hawalli and arrested a 44-year-old Syrian who was wanted by law for consuming alcohol. The daily added, when the apartment was raided, the Syrian... August 23, 2017 548 Category: Crime News
Drunk Woman Taken Into Custody A woman in her 20s, high on liquor hit a patrol car at a parking lot in Zahra area. A security source said the patrolmen were surprised when the woman hit their vehicle at the parking but later discov... August 22, 2017 552 Category: Crime News
MOI Released Statistics Indicating The Country Has Been Witness To Series Of Murder Cases And Other Crimes Ministry of Interior recently released official statistics indicating the country has been witness to series of murder cases and other heinous crimes on daily basis, with an average of 220 traffic acc... August 18, 2017 492 Category: Crime News
4 Asians Were Arrested In Bayan For Consuming Alcohol Four Asians, including an Indian, were arrested in Bayan for consuming alcohol. While patrolling the area, a security officer noticed the Indian who was dancing in the middle of the road. When the off... August 15, 2017 416 Category: Crime News
Securitymen Arrested An Asian Expat For Peddling In Alcohol Farwaniya securitymen arrested an Asian expatriate in Hasawi area for peddling in alcohol. He was in possession of sachets of local-made liquor. A security source said the suspect was spotted in a veh... August 08, 2017 1527 Category: Crime News
Two Asian Expats Were Arrested For Consuming Liquor And Assaulting A Compatriot Two Asian expatriates were arrested for consuming liquor and assaulting a compatriot in Qashaniya area. According to security sources, securitymen were patrolling Qashaniya area when they noticed two ... August 06, 2017 550 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Expat Arrested For Trafficking In Locally Made And Imported Alcohol Police have arrested an unidentified expatriate for trafficking in locally-made and imported alcohol. The bootlegger was seen standing next to his vehicle in Nugra which was parked on an open groun... July 20, 2017 402 Category: Crime News
Asian Expat Was Arrested For Consuming Alcohol An Indian expatriate was arrested for consuming alcohol and dancing inside his vehicle while driving in Jabriya area in a manner that was dangerous not only to his life but also the lives of others. A... June 30, 2017 643 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested An Indian Driver For Consuming Alcohol Police have arrested an Indian driver for consuming alcohol and sleeping in the basement of a neighbor’s house, reports Al-Rai daily. According to sources the man works for a Kuwaiti family and ... June 23, 2017 415 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested A Young Kuwaiti For Consuming Alcohol Police have arrested a young Kuwaiti and are looking for two others for consuming alcohol and crashing into a police vehicle. The daily said the three youths were riding in a Jeep and crashed into a p... June 20, 2017 551 Category: Crime News
Law That Forbids Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Member of the National Assembly Committee on Negative Phenomenon Dr Waleed Al- Tabtabaei commented on the verdict of the Cassation Court that said “alcohol consumption is not punishable by law&r... June 19, 2017 784 Category: Driving License
Court Acquitted A Man For Selling Liquor The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Cassation overturned the verdict of the First Instance and Appeals courts which sentenced a man to one year and a half in prison with hard labor for selling alc... June 09, 2017 824 Category: Crime News
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