Restoration Of Surgeries And Endoscopes In Hospitals
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The Ministry of Health has decided to resume operations and endoscopes in public hospitals.

And an administrative circular identified by the Undersecretary, Dr. Mustafa Reda to the Ministry’s assistant undersecretaries, directors of health areas, directors of central departments, directors of hospitals and specialized centers, medical requirements and standards for the return to work in minor and major surgeries and gastrointestinal perspectives according to scientific recommendations and international standards.

In the Circular No. 79, Rida called for preparing to operate the operating rooms for all surgical specialties and gastrointestinal perspectives, and to arrange appointments according to the priorities that came with the circular, provided that setting priorities is within the competence of the heads of surgical units and under the supervision of department heads. The text of the circular is to complete the preparatory phase no later than mid-July.



06 Jul, 2020 807
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