Public Transport Not To Exceed 50%

10 January 2022 Kuwait

Kuwait’s cabinet on Monday ordered state bodies to slash staff attendance down to 50 percent in response to an exponential rise in COVID- 19 cases in the country, driven by the Omicron variant. Private employers have been told to limit their staff capacity in a manner that would still allow for a smooth workflow, the government’s communication center cited spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem as saying.

The health authorities have been told to keep a close watch on the cases of infection with coronavirus (Covid-19) at schools countrywide. “The health situation is generally satisfactory,” he affirmed at a presser following the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.

There is a constant coordination among the ministries of Health, Education and Higher Education, as well as the Secretariat of the University Council, Kuwait University, and the Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, regarding the next steps needed in the coming stage, he pointed out. Al-Mizrem recalleed that the Covid-19 Ministerial Emergency Committee met last Thursday in the presence of Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ali Al-Modhaf to explore ways for keeping the stability of the health situation at educational institutions

In measures to halt the spread of the virus, in effect as of Wednesday, he said conferences and meetings would shift back to video link, while public transport capacity should not exceed 50 percent. Similarly, sporting venues nationwide, in addition to gyms and salons, would only allow entry to those who have been fully vaccinated, added the spokesman. Kuwait has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases since the Omicron variant took hold. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) issued a resolution Monday following the cabinet’s meeting to announce the limiting of staff capacity, as well as shifting to holding conferences and meetings virtually.

In a statement, the CSC exempts fingerprints from employees who reached 55 years old and above, in addition ordered all government bodies to set their working hours in accordance with the public interest. It pointed out that the fingerprint attendance system in all government agencies will be suspended. It indicated that the new temporary measures will be issued as part of the government’s efforts to confront the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccines against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for persons aged between five and 11 are expected to arrive in Kuwait in the coming few weeks, an official of the Ministry of Health announced on Monday. Dr. Mustafa Redha, the MoH Undersecretary, said the department had made contracts with vaccination-producing companies to secure the doses for the age categories between five and 11 years.

He was addressing the media at Seif Palace after the weekly Cabinet session. These vaccines, accredited by international medical organizations, are expected in Kuwait in the coming few weeks, he affirmed. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced on Monday recording 3,683 new infection cases with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 24 hours.





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