MoF Eyes E-certs On Taxation Disclosure
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The Ministry of Finance is working towards changing the system of issuing taxation disclosure certificates from paper to electronic, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources. Sources explained this move is in line with the ministry’s commitment to develop services offered by the Taxation Sector and speed up the implementation of a governmental directive to improve the business sector and its position in global indexes. Sources affirmed that more than 100,000 individuals, institutions and Kuwaiti companies will benefit from the electronic issuance of taxation disclosure certificates as it will help in improving services, in addition to reducing costs and saving time.

Meanwhile, Chairman of parliamentary Educational Affairs Committee MP Dr Ouda Al-Rowaiei recently called on the government to expedite issuance of executive regulations for the Public Universities Law, reports Al-Anba daily. Speaking to the daily, Al-Rowaiei pointed out that the Ministry of Education should not delay the issuance of the executive regulations as the law, once implemented, will provide more job opportunities for citizens and solve problems related to fields of specialization.



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