Kuwaiti English School Owner Insulted
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The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of insulting the owner of an English school in Kuwait, based on a complaint lodged by the school administration. The court dismissed the civil lawsuit. According to the case file, the lawyer representing the owner of the school revealed that the suspect, who is the guardian of one of the students, had submitted to the school a written complaint filled with libel and slander. In the complaint, he accused the school of cheating and fraud, stressing that the school receives huge amounts of donations but it does not provide necessary educational services to his son. The defense counsel Lawyer Ali Al-Ali pointed out the binding contract between the parties and the aforementioned libel and slander lawsuit filed by the school, stressing on the lack of any incriminating conclusive evidence. He also said his client has been refuting the claims from the beginning, indicating that the plaintiff refused to register his children in the academic year, which resulted in emotional distress and affected the future of the children.



17 Dec, 2016 2087
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