Hospital Technician Accused Of Molesting Patient Acquitted
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 The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance, which acquitted a medical technician who was accused of indecent assault of a patient. The Public Prosecution accused the technician of taking advantage of the medical examination of the victim to touch her body, violating the sanctity of the body, and intending to violate her honor.

Representing the accused was a team from Al-Taher Law Firm which presented a memorandum that included the defense and pleadings for acquittals. The team explained that there was no breach of modesty on the victim. The victim was silent for days concerning the examination procedures. She was even reluctant to be examined for the same examination. This does not imply her dissatisfaction with him regardless of the motive that called her to stay silent. In fact, her constant visits indicated good satisfaction with the examination procedure



01 Jan, 2021 392
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