Hearing On Misappropriate Use Of Public Funds Today - 24 Officials Of The MOI Accused
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The Misdemeanor Court, chaired by Judge Met’eb Al-Ardhi, on Sunday will resume hearing of the Ministry of Interior’s hospitality case involving 24 officials of the ministries of Interior and Finance accused of fraudulent activities and forgery of official documents to misappropriate public funds, after adjournment for submissions of witnesses.

The court also rejected bail applications submitted by the lawyers of the accused, while the request of the lawyers of two defendants to conduct trial in camera away from the press and lift the travel ban imposed on the suspects whose bails were previously granted were rejected.

In the last marathon session, which lasted for more than 10 hours, the court listened to two witnesses and other defendants were present with their lawyers. Three persons were summoned for cross examination. The session started at 10:30 am and ended after 8:00 pm.



08 Sep, 2019 0 178
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