Exceptional Turnout Of Families At Amusement Venues During Eid Festivities

24 April 2023 Entertainment

KUWAIT CITY, April 23: In the course of the Eid festivities, visiting amusement and entertainment venues is a customary activity for children to round out their holiday revelry. Parents and guardians accompanied their young ones to shopping malls and establishments that provided a range of recreational game options. These venues were brimming with children reveling in the festive spirit, bringing delight and cheer to all.

Although some locations experienced high levels of congestion, the influx of families was notably impressive, particularly in outdoor areas. Amusement centers enticed visitors with special offers and discounts, featuring up to 50 percent off on all games, as reported by Al Rai. The cost of game tickets at certain venues was budget-friendly, with prices varying from 1 to 3 dinars per game. For those passionate about skating, ticket prices ranged from 5 to 10 dinars. Overall, the festive period generated immense joy and happiness for children who relished their time at these leisurely game and entertainment hubs

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