Senior MoI Officer ‘manhandled’ By Two Colleagues Out To Settle Previous Scores
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Police are looking for two men – one of them believed to be a lieutenant officer – for beating a police officer with the rank of major in the Directorate General of Weapons Investigations, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the complaint filed by the victim at a police station, he was off duty and was on his way to a market in Al-Qurain and he was surprised by two people who stopped him and beat him without apparent reason. He tried to defend himself and resisted them until passers-by separated them, but not before the officer suffered some injuries to his body.

According to the security sources, the officer went to the security authorities and filed a complaint against what he was subjected to. He stated that at first he was surprised by what happened to him because of the unprovoked attack by the two persons, but he quickly identified them. He found out that one of them was a lieutenant and that the men took revenge on him because of what he had done in line of duty as a detective and that the application of the law angered them and they decided to retaliate on a case that took place years ago.

The injured officer has submitted a medical report issued by the Mubarak Hospital documenting the injuries sustained in the attack

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