Court Of Appeals Has Fixed January 16 To Deliver A Verdict
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The Court of Appeals has fixed January 16 to deliver a verdict in an appeal filed by Dr Othman Al-Khamees against the verdict of the Court of First Instance, which fined him KD 20,000 for allegedly expressing disdain against the Shiite sect. The Public Prosecution accused Al-Khamees of publicly declaring hatred and disdain for the Shiite sect in a manner that could spark sectarian crisis in the country, thereby violating the national unity protection law. He made the pronouncement during an interview on a TV channel. This prompted Lawyer Jelil Al-Tabbakh, Hussein Al-Khashawi, Hassan Al-Matrouk and Ismail Al-Sahaf to report the case to the Public Prosecution.



06 Dec, 2016 686
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