Court Acquitted A Man Who Was Accused In Possessing Drug Case
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The Criminal Court acquitted a man of driving under the influence of intoxicant after he was caught in possession of illicit drug Amphetamine meant for consumption. The case file indicated the prosecution officer was on duty when he received a call from the Operations Room saying a car had been parked in a suspicious location at the desert region. The officer headed straight to find the location and found the suspect in a disoriented state, noting the latter brought out a handkerchief containing the illicit substance when the former requested his identification documents. A plastic bag containing Amphetamine pills was recovered in a further search inside the vehicle. Lawyer Bashar Al-Nassar in his defense declared that his client denied both allegations. He explained that his client went on a hunting expedition during which his car developed a fault, so he notified the Operations Room for assistance and he was fully composed and alert. He insisted the illicit drugs did not belong to his client, and faulted the procedures leading to search and arrest of his client. He quoted Article 44 of the criminal code and prosecutions stipulating that security operatives should secure necessary warrants before searching or arresting a suspect.



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