Arabs’ Output Of Steel Products Has Soared, Says AISU President
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President of the Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) Awad Al-Khaldi said on Monday Arab countries’ output of long steel products have risen from five million tons to more than 60 million tons in 40 years.

This industry in Arab countries have been impeded with some issues, namely dependence on costly imported materials, said Al-Khaldi during inauguration of the 13th Arab Steel Summit. Long steel products include hotrolled bars, cold-rolled or drawn bars, rebar, railway rails, wires, ropes (stranded wires) and woven cloth of steel wire.

Al-Khaldi, of Kuwait, urged Arab steel industrialists to seek to depend on national resources, with scientific research and specialized studies for slashing cost of production, improving quality and boosting competition capacities.

Earlier, Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade Dr Tareq Al-Hamouri inaugurated the conference with a statement, emphasizing significance of this industry to enrich national income. More than 90 plants and factories have been members of the Algeria headquartered AISU, founded 45 years ago.




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