An Egyptian Accountant Who Stole Two Million Dinars From Kuwait Was Arrested
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The Egyptian security services arrested an Egyptian accountant, to implement a ruling issued against him in Kuwait, accusing him of stealing nearly two million dinars.

"Al-Masry Al-Youm" newspaper quoted judicial sources as saying that the International Interpol in Egypt arrested the accused, based on a red notice, to sentence him in absentia to life imprisonment. A million and 900 thousand dinars were returned, and he was fined 3 million dinars in the State of Kuwait.

According to the investigations of the case, the accused seized the amount, one million 900 thousand dinars, equivalent to 100 million Egyptian pounds, from a telecommunications company, in which he was working as an accountant, by forging the documents of the deposit and the shipping cards of the company.

It was found that the accused left Kuwait and returned to Egypt before his case was revealed, after which the judgment was issued against him in absentia.




28 Nov, 2020 0 1942
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