40 Years Old Pakistani Electrician Suffers From Electric Shock
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A Pakistani electrician in his 40s lost consciousness after suffering from an electric shock that would have taken his life had he not been taken to the hospital immediately, reports Al-Seyassah daily According to sources, the victim was repairing a technical fault inside a citizen’s house in West Mishref when he discovered the fault was inside a cable in the meter box. While talking to the owner of house, he started cutting the wires without realizing that he did not turn off the electrical supply. He was electrocuted and he passed out. The citizen immediately notified the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior and paramedics rushed to the location in record time. They administered First Aid but they eventually took him to Mubarak Hospital after realizing his condition required intensive care. He was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit in serious condition.



11 Dec, 2016 854
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