3 Kuwaiti Companies Sued Over Human Trafficking
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Three Kuwait-based companies are facing lawsuits for allegedly engaging in human trafficking, Al Qabas reported.

The firms are accused of hiring hundreds of expatriate workers, under the guise of government contracts, before leaving them stranded to fend for themselves in Kuwait.

The General Directorate for Residence Affairs referred the firms to the Public Prosecution to face charges of recruiting 1,500 foreigners, mostly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

A police inquiry revealed that the striking majority of the hired expatriates do not work for the companies stipulated in the “employment contracts”.

A number of illegally-hired expatriate workers, who were arrested in police crackdowns, confessed to paying KD3,000 each to secure a work visa in Kuwait.

They claimed that representatives of the three companies asked each one to pay KD150 monthly in exchange for “working freely” in Kuwait.



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