Imagine Imagining

Imagine imagining  Mystery of Magic and Imagination

Light the spark of your Creativity!  Be inspired by exploring the magic & the mystery of the gift of your Imagination. Tap into the immense spiritual reservoir in which we live and move and have our being. Join us for this experience of fun & laughter during 3 online sessions. 

Louis Franco, a mystic by nature has lived, travelled and assisted willing individuals to live an extraordinary Life for more than 33 years. He is a modern gypsy, practical maverick, often disguised as a yuppie, surrogate parent, explorer, descendant and custodian of multiple bloodlines of a rich complex cultural inheritance and teacher of the Art of Knowing Thyself. .

Price :
35 KWD
10-12-2019 08:00 PM To 10-12-2019 11:30 PM 16-12-2019 08:00 PM To 16-12-2019 11:30 PM 18-12-2019 08:00 PM To 18-12-2019 11:30 PM

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