Steps To Book Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (mofa) Appointment Online

06 March 2021 Kuwait

Steps to Book Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (MOFA) Appointment Online

Step 1 - Please visit the link  and select language english on left top , if you are opening the link in mobile , you may not find option to select language english

Step 2 - Enter required details Civil ID No , Mobile No ,  Branch There are Three Banches MOFA Liberation Tower Branch , MOFA main branch in Shuwaikh and Sabhan Center , you can select any branch,

Select office as attestaion services , and then following services are available in transaction dropdown Agencies, Academic Certificates, A Certificate of Good Conduct and Behavior, Medical Report / Sick Leave, Death Certificate, Certificate Whom it May Concern, Passport Data, Salary Certiciate, Driving License Data and other, you can select according to your requirement and then Click Next

Ministry of Fireign Affairs Appointment Online


Step 3 -  Select Date and Time of Appointment and Click Next

Mofa Appointment Availability Schedule


Step 4 - Check all Entered Details and Click Save

Ministry of foreign Affairs Appointment Details


Step 5 - Save the appointment details by screenshot or Print Appointment Details

MOFA Appointment Details

: 61109

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