‘govt Incompetence Exposed Starkly Over The Last Two Days’

27 August 2020 Economics

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement stated that government’s confusion and incompetence have been exposed in a blatant manner over the past two days, and what is needed now is a “rescue government” that can stop deterioration of the general situation in the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

The movement in a statement said, “Day after day, the truth about the current government’s inability to deal with the tasks of running the state is revealed, but what happened in the last two days of blatant confusion and conflicting decisions clearly means that this government lacks the minimum level of political competence.”

Statement added that evidence of confusion and political incompetence is sufficient for us. “What was raised about the request of the Minister of Finance to resign, then retracting after the news went viral; the minister of interior’s decision to refer an officer to retirement upon his referral to the Public Prosecution – in contradiction with Article 103 of the Police Force Law, then announcing the withdrawal of decision after strongly criticizing the minister who is responsible for the safety of Cabinet decisions – in his capacity as a minister of state as well.”

The movement stressed that government’s confusion and incompetence of its political administration in internal affairs is an additional evidence of its inability to manage state affairs or address the major problems and imbalances the country complains of; most importantly, the issue of state general budget deficit, serious handling of corruption files, and treating defects in the demographics.

The Parliament in its current structure is part of the problem and not part of the solution, it lamented. The movement concluded, “Our Kuwaiti Progressive Movement has already made it clear more than once that Kuwait today needs more than ever to form a rescue government that includes statesmen to be able to put an end to the general state of deterioration; to respond in action, and not by mere saying; to overcome the power of corruption forces and take the initiative to correct the course before it’s too late. As for the current government, it is even unable to serve as a mere disposal government for urgent matters.”


Source: Arabtimes Kuwait

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