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10,482 Kuwaitis Employed In 86 Days The Civil Service Commission has succeeded in employing 10,482 Kuwaiti citizens to work for various government agencies in 86 days from June 30 to September 24. Ahmed Al-Jassar the head of departme... September 27, 2020 388 Category: Kuwait
Market «Haraj» In Its First Days After The Second Opening Once again, Souq Al-Haraj received its visitors yesterday, on the first day of its opening for the second time after the last closure, as it opened on June 10 for limited hours, and due to non-complia... September 10, 2020 1809 Category: Information
‘Govt Incompetence Exposed Starkly Over The Last Two Days’ The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement stated that government’s confusion and incompetence have been exposed in a blatant manner over the past two days, and what is needed now is a “rescue gover... August 27, 2020 680 Category: Economics
Humidity To Increase In The Coming Days Veteran Kuwaiti meteorologist Essa Ramadan said humidity is set to increase in the coming days before and after the appearance of the Suhail star (Canopus) due to the weak Indian seasonal low pre... August 19, 2019 654 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Banking Association Clarifies Policy On End-of-service Leave Days The legal opinion of Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) on calculating an employee’s number of leave days at the end of service does not consider Friday and Saturday as holidays, while confirming ... January 13, 2019 770 Category: Kuwait
Residency Fines Waived For 4 Days As Government Declare Public Holiday Residency fines will not be collected from those people, whose residencies are expired yesterday or will expire today, because these days were declared holidays due to weather conditions. According... November 15, 2018 1259 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
MoH Ready To Face Expected Foul Weather In Coming Days Ministry of Health assured Tuesday its readiness to face any extreme weather condition expected in the upcoming days. MoH is ready to implement the suggested emergency plan in all hospitals during the... November 14, 2018 476 Category: Kuwait
Interior Ministry Receives 20,027 Reports During Heavy Rainfall Days Kuwait’s Minister of Interior Undersecretary Lieutenant General Essam Al-Nahham announced on Saturday that the Ministry’s operations center received during the past few days, since outbrea... November 11, 2018 898 Category: Kuwait
Public Sector Workers Will Get Salaries Four Days Before Eid Due to the fast approaching Eid holiday, sources say the salaries of public sector workers for August will be paid four days before time, reports Al-Anba daily quoting reliable sources. Meanwhile, ... August 05, 2018 4787 Category: Kuwait
Does Fridays Include In 70 Days Maternity Leave I just want to inquire about the policy of maternity leave. I have been working with a company for 5 years and my maternity leave started from March 20, 2018 and ended on May 21, 2018. My current sala... July 22, 2018 869 Category: Legal
Indemnity Salary Calculation On 26 Days Not 30 Days I searched the archives but didn’t find this specific question. My school calculates indemnity at 15/30, not 15/26 days for the first 5 years. The English version of the Labor Law (2010) simply ... May 04, 2018 2037 Category: Indemnity
Around 31,000 Employees Took 2 Days Sick Leaves After Eid Holidays Around 31,000 employees took sick leaves on Wednesday and Thursday after the Eid Al-Fitr holidays last week, reports Al- Nahar daily quoting a reliable source. According to the source, “the rule... July 02, 2017 838 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
MOH Staff's Sick Leaves Has Been Increasing Since The Start Of The Last 10 Days Of Ramadan The number of employees on sick leave and those asking permission for some days off in the Health Ministry and its affiliate institutions has been increasing since the start of the last 10 days of Ram... June 22, 2017 1467 Category: Kuwait
60 Days To Complete Residency Formalities The article mentions 60 days for the completion of all the formalities otherwise there can be a penalty. However, I was recently informed by someone (might only be a rumor) that the duration has now b... June 22, 2017 5051 Category: Legal
Minister Calls For Vigilance In Last Days Of Ramadan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khaled Jarrah Al-Sabah on Monday instructed security bodies to take all precautionary measures to keep people safe during the last days of the hol... June 20, 2017 647 Category: Kuwait
MOE Has Increased The Number Of Attendance Days For Teachers Hiked The Ministry of Education has increased the required number of attendance days per year for teachers to receive the excellent performance allowance from 130 to 150, while that of the administrative em... April 23, 2017 841 Category: Kuwait
MP Propose 35 Days Annual Leave In Private Sector Parliament’s Legislative and Legal Committee referred a report to the National Assembly concerning three proposals aimed at amending some clauses in law No. 6/2010 concerning private sector labo... April 09, 2017 944 Category: Kuwait
CSC Has Declared Next Saturday And Sunday As Public Holiday On The Occasion Of The National Days Celebration Civil Service Commission (CSC) has declared next Saturday and Sunday as public holiday on the occasion of the National Days celebration, and normal work will resume on Monday Feb 27. Consequently, pub... February 22, 2017 663 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
3 Days Off For Kuwait National Day, Sunday Is Working Day - CSC The Civil Services Commission (CSC) submitted a directive to the Cabinet pertaining the upcoming national and liberation days holidays. According to the directive, only three days off as the two days ... February 10, 2016 2049 Category: Kuwait
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