Food Prices Are Monitored By The Ministry Of Commerce To Ensure Fairness

04 November 2023 Kuwait

Faisal Al-Ansari, Director of the Technical Supervision and Pricing Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, led a team that inspected wholesale markets in Shuwaikh on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Their primary objective was to ensure that commodity prices were not artificially raised and to monitor the availability of essential goods.

According to Faisal Al-Ansari, Director of the Technical Supervision and Pricing Department, the Ministry has observed the prices of essential goods and confirmed the availability of commodities. In his remarks, he emphasized that this action was in accordance with the Ministry's work plan and directives from its leadership.

According to him, Ziad Al-Najem, the Deputy Minister, recently established a committee at the Ministry for the purpose of monitoring the availability of food items for two months.

In addition to monitoring markets and tracking prices in cooperative societies, central markets, restaurants, cafes, meat and poultry shops, among others, Al-Ansari said food items were readily available.

An inspection team provides the license holder or store owner with a form containing commodity prices to be emailed to the Ministry. These prices are then compared with the prices listed in the automated price monitoring system, which covers 39 essential commodities.

The Commercial Prosecutor's Office takes legal action against the violators of artificial price hikes based on a violation report.

In his remarks, Al-Ansari noted that the department regularly monitors the prices of essential goods displayed on market shelves. He encouraged citizens to file complaints with the Ministry through the hotline at 135, WhatsApp at 55135135, or by visiting centers near cooperative societies, totaling 21 centers.

According to him, the Deputy Minister could close the store immediately for violations.

For monitoring purposes, the Ministry of Commerce has requested that markets submit electronic price lists.

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