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Illegal Construction Has Closed My Apartments Window And AC Category: Legal
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I am living in Hawally, on the ground floor of a certain building. Due to illegal construction my home windows and A/C have become totally closed now. I have a window A/C, which due to the illegal construction is not working properly. I kindly request you to please let me know as to who I should contact to solve my big problem.

Name withheld 
Answer: Please remember that no landlord can make any extension to any building without the approval of Kuwait Municipality, which takes into consideration the fact that the rights of current building tenants are not compromised. All such construction has also to be done according to a certain plan approved by Kuwait Municipality.

If the construction is illegal the landlord can face severe legal action. So, just report the matter to the Kuwait Municipality office in your area and it should take immediate action. If the Municipality for “some reason” — for which it has been criticized severely over the recent years — fails to take any action, just file a case against the landlord at the rents court.

In such a case, don’t pay the landlord the rent but make sure to deposit it with the rents court in your area by the 20th of each month. This will not only put pressure on the landlord but also force him to stop the illegal construction. If other building tenants can join you in initiating against the landlord, then your case become all the stronger.

Source - Arab Times

Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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