Photography Tour To Failaka Island

For Photography, sea, Trekking and History lovers and upon popular demand, a trip to the Famous Failaka Island is being organized.

Price includes:
- Boat Ride to the Island
- Island Bus Tour
- Boat Ride back from the Island

09:30 Meet in the Parking;
09:55 Boat will leave;
10:35 Land at the Island;
10:45 Horse Riding at KWD 3 per/person for 10 minutes;
11:15 Fresh-up and walk to the Heritage Village;
11:30 The Bus tour of the Island commence;
11:45 Reach the Tanks Museum;
12:25 Reach the Camel Farm;
12:50 Reach the Bank building;
13:15 Leave to the Heritage Village;
13:30 Those who wish to relax and have lunch/coffee, there's a nice restaurant inside the Heritage Village. Everyone has to pay for their meals;
14:45 Failaka Lake;
15:30 Walk back to Boat;
16:00 Boat will leave. Please ensure everyone is there on time, the Boat may LEAVE without you;

Wear Accordingly. Carry your water. Wear comfortable shoes. Carry Sunscreen and a Hat/Cap with you.

Minimum number of people for the Tour has to be 14 and Maximum 29 (IN MULTIPLES OF 14). Priority will be given to member who pay in advance. Limited seats, HURRY & BOOK your place.

Cost After Feb 21 (12 noon) KD 20 per/person.


Price :
13 KWD
06-03-2020 09:00 AM To 06-03-2020 04:00 PM

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