Good Writing And Speech Competition

International Iqbal Society, organized by the Kuwait Chapter 
appropriate Iqbal 
pageant writings and social media 

pageant write 
head Dr Mohammad Iqbal (RA) art and personality of the reference article contains 500 words on any subject 

pageant speech 
head Dr. Mohammad Iqbal (RA) recorded video speech to a maximum of one minute thirty seconds to figure 

Category a: students of Indian schools in Kuwait 
Category B: based Urdu know friends in Kuwait 

last to send the article and speech Date: 
November 18, 2016 

International Iqbal Society of reserves the right to not upload not meet the written and video meeting. 
International Pakistan will take part in more members through social media voting 77 million to the Society. 
results announced Society will be on the international page. 
it will be awarded prizes at a local event. 

you can upload your writing through the link / Video below are

Price :
18-11-2016 01:00 PM To 18-11-2016 04:00 PM

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