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1st May from 05:30 AM - 11:30 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Offering Business Group e-marketing, training and consultancy in collaboration with INSPIRE Kuwait Institute marketing strategies effectively using social networking sites directly - Kuwait - Holiday Inn - Salmiya Introduction: mail marketing is no longer limited to the owners of the profession only, but has become the duty of every individual to learn how to marketed and disseminate and promote his business or his company or his brand .. We call on every individual and every company and every institution should pay attention to this knowledge so that they become able to spread their ideas and promote their projects without the need for special may cost them a lot marketing companies and a lot .. for whom is this chorus * * for managers and heads of departments Marketing and sales companies * to a man who wants sales to achieve the highest penetration rate and the sale of social networking sites * for young people who do not find jobs for them give them theopportunity to learn how to start in choosing a project / product and promote it on social networking sites * for girls and women who want to work from through the house and self - fulfillment and success in addition to earning and profit through the Internet * for marketers who want to know the latest mail marketing on social networking sites ways * to all companies that want to be free from marketing companies , which cost them a lot of money in marketing them * those who wanted to enter into the world of Internet Marketing and find out how to benefit from social networking sites on promotion and advertising and marketing of its products or the products of others chorus goals: 1. that each individual is capable becomes a job marketing its products / company / brand / project / ideas or work in marketing on behalf of others 2. provide job opportunities for young people University and girls who want to increase the monthly incomes 3. provide additional employment opportunities for men and women through the acquisition of marketing on social networking sites skill to improve their income through profit muslim 4. enable everyone from mail marketing skill and how quick profit 5. enable owners of self - employment mechanisms mail marketing talk on social networking sites and the most modern methods to increase followers and work attractive advertisements and achieve Waller Bh 6. promoting the goals ofprofessional marketers and provide them with what is new in e - marketing on social networking sites. * the most important course topics will be the study of the most important four sites Aaltoasl social Council ( Facebook - straining - Google and YouTube) and find out how to market it from a to Z • definition of each site and mechanisms of work on it from thebeginning to the knowledge and proficiency • Facebook and how most of it and how intelligent use of effective tools • Google who do not know one , and how to become a close friend with Google and your visibility on the first page in thesearch engine * Tagged and its impact on advertising • YouTube and how to raise and video work in the easiest ways and how marketing channel YouTube • Twitter and how to use it brilliantly and choose Alfolorz and expand your Atawaitaat own circle • General topics shared at each site: • How to work free ads, financed • how distinct page on each site and to add and increase the number of observers of the real • how to market Page wider • how well the content of the page • how ingenious marketing plan achieved many gains • how to determine followers interested in your industry segment and how to access them Botrq smart • how the analysis of the visitor and their data state and recuperator and age, gender , etc. .. • how Social pages appear on the search engines quickly * topics to get them on the views high for your site and your pages * mysteries and secrets of a quick profit on the social networking sites • Tips and recommendations for action on networking sites social : * chorus features 1. Free to attend the course (thirty way for the marketing business on the Internet) 2. get the chorus discount if you register before 20-4 3. get 5 certified business Group e-marketing, training and certification and consultancy 4. jobs for a number 5 people from outstanding to work with us in the marketing commission basis 5- to get follow - up and support of free consultations from the Business Group for a month 6. access to scientific material value ofeach site 7. get a 50% discount for the second level of the course, which will study it (site Onstjeram - site Pinterest - and explain marketing Aalaimil-mail by marketing E) 8. access to adopt an international CAD (additional expenses) : chorus cost of 250 Kuwaiti Dinar early booking before 04.20.2016 only 200 Kuwaiti dinars , the cost of the course includes (certificate - COFFEE Break - scientific article) Payment method: There is more than one way: * wire transfer to our company account * conversion through the Bank of Western Union or any company of the money transfer companies * direct payment at theheadquarters Ansabir Institute - Kuwait communication and inquiry on Mobile and Alwats August: 00201069963263 - 00201155574131 for reservations , please open the link and fill in the data form Join the chorus

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