Kuwait Airways Corporation Limits Weight Of One Luggage To 23 Kg Only For Economy Passengers
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Board Chairperson of Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) Rasha Al-Roumi vehemently denied the rumor that Kuwait Airways has reduced the allowed check-in luggage weight for economy class passengers from 46 kilos to 23 kilos, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

According to Al-Roumi, the airline merely advised the passengers to limit the weight of one luggage to 23 kilos only, which means a passenger is allowed to carry two bags or suitcases provided each weighs 23 kilos.

She clarified this is in addition to the hand carry luggage which should be limited to seven kilos. She disclosed that passengers are allowed to carry more bags but they have to pay KD 35 for the third, KD 60 for the fourth and KD 100 for the fifth — each of which should be 23 kilos only.

She also unveiled the airline’s plan to launch a number of offers that are better than other companies in order to attract more customers.



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